Travelling Tips for the Disabled

Gone are the days, when people with disabilities are discriminated, today they are recognized and are less discriminated. In developed countries, there are always laws that protect people with disabilities to make their life a little easier. Also, different public buildings owners have taken people with disabilities into consideration and have renovated or designed their buildings to accommodate people with disabilities.

People with disabilities can now travel for a business trip or vacation to places far away from their homes. With all the latest improvements and renovations made to make people with disabilities have a great time during their trip and holiday, there is always one or two challenges for them especially when are travelling to an unknown destination or travelling alone. Are you looking to lodge in a hotel like River City Casino or the one with a lower budget? The guide below will help you travel safely regardless of the form of your disabilities

1. Plan well in advance

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning will help reduce the chances of being inconvenienced and getting stranded. Make sure you book the right hotel that fits into your needs or if you are planning to stay at a friend’s or relative’s house, letting them know in advance will help them prepare and even pick you up from the airport.

2. Book hotels that are disabled friendly

For your convenience book, hotels disabled friendly structures; this will allow you to move freely with minimal effort. River City casino hotel is one of the best hotels to go for if the destination you are heading to is MISSOURI. Hotels like River City Casino offers unique emergency protocols that ensure people with disability are ignored in case of an emergency.

3. Book your flight with a travel agent that offers travel packages for disabled individuals.

Booking hotel rooms and flights with travel agents that offer travel packages for disabled individuals is advantageous in several ways. These travel agents will ensure they book the right hotel that fits into your needs and all offer suggestions and services that will ensure their clients travel comfortably

4. Bring extra medication

Carrying an extra dose of medication when going on holiday or travelling will help keep your mind at rest and act as a backup in case you lose your luggage during your trip or when one dose gets lost. Make sure you store your medications properly or as prescribed by your doctor.

5. Use direct flights

Moving from one flight to the other is very tiresome and hectic for a disabled traveller to use connecting flights. Using connecting flights, you are being exposed to injury as you get in and out of a plane and also loss of your luggage. With a direct flight, you won’t have to face all these risks and saves a lot of energy and time when travelling.


The five guides mentioned are the bullet point always to take note of when travelling, below are some added guides.

1.Understand and know your rights when at the airport

2. Take a doctor’s note and contact information when travelling

3. Disabled people are advised to have some knowledge about where their destinations.

4.Carry the appropriate luggage