Top Wedding Trends in Chicago

Chicago roots back to humble beginnings that serve as a symbolic aspect of the city. Today, it stands as the third-most populous city in the United States, as well as a multicultural hub with a bustling metropolis and over two million residents. Sometimes called the Windy City, Chicago is also known for having a strong cultural scene, fun local festivals, and beautiful beaches that make it a unique tourist destination. Here, you get to hang out and enjoy shopping or restaurant hopping, and at the same time, learn about the city’s culture and history. 

Chicago is undoubtedly an excellent place to hold your events with so much to offer to visitors and residents alike. Whether you are looking for a modern urban event set in the metropolis or a more calm and serene backdrop by the farms and acres, Chicago can easily be one of the best places to tie the knot. You will also find several Chicago wedding photographers, florists, caterers, and other vendors to help you build your wedding team, so you need not worry about that aspect.

If the thought of getting married in Chicago has you intrigued, here is a peek at some of the city’s wedding trends. Who knows? One of these might catch your eye and get you inspired to start planning.

Unique Fashion Choices

A bride’s dress is undeniably one of the most significant preparations for a wedding, especially since it only happens once in a person’s life. More recently, brides have started to explore more unique fashion choices that allow them to express and showcase their style. Many choose to wear a second dress for the afterparty to give them more creative freedom, and women’s suits have also started to become more popular attire choices. Women from all over the world have also become more socially conscious about their weddings and are thus looking for eco-friendly options or those that support good causes. 

Proper Timing

Timing has always been a critical consideration in setting a date for the big day, but it is all the most important in Chicago. Summer and fall are the most popular times to get married in Illinois, with fall taking the lead in Chicago. Winters in Illinois can get harshly cold, making it unsuitable to hold a big event, especially if your guests are coming from another state or city. The temperature is much milder and more pleasant during the summer and fall seasons, which explains why they are popular choices.                 

Bit of Culture

Chicago is known for its rich culture and history, so people are always trying to inject bits of it in their events. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate some of the local spirits at your wedding. You can select a theme that matches the culture or lifestyle of residents, then look for Chicago wedding photographers that can help you inject that theme into your photos. Alternatively, you can opt for more regional or local choices in terms of cuisine, so you and your guests can enjoy tasting new dishes on a stylish teal table runner.

The three points mentioned above are only some of the common trends that you may observe in Chicago weddings. Whether you have not started planning or are already midway through the preparations, there is always room for inspiration. If you do not come from Chicago but want to experience your big day the way locals do, you should consider following some of these trends.

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