Top PC Gaming Equipment Every Gamer Should Have to Get More Wins

The best part about being a PC gamer is the versatility and customizability. This is because there are countless possibilities that you can utilize your rig. And this is not only limited to hardware upgrades, but the equipment/peripherals you can use too.

That’s why a lot of people choose to game on PC because of these factors alone. And speaking of equipment, we are glad to see you in this article today. Because below, we are going to talk about the best PC gaming equipment you should get.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at this equipment so you can game on like no tomorrow!

Gaming Headphones

Hear every sound from the bottom to the top with the help of gaming headphones. Modern games use sound to give you an immersive experience throughout the adventure. And what better way to feel that immersion is by using a gaming headset.

Here are some of the best gaming headphones today from brands like Razer and HyperX just to name a few.

  • Razer Kraken Ultimate – This high-performing gaming headset will take your game to the next level. Featuring top-notch spatial audio and a crisp noise-canceling mic, this headset will surely take you to greater heights in-game.
  • Steelseries Arctis Pro – This gaming headset is equipped with hi-res audio that blends multiple sound sources that will make you feel you’re inside the game. Talk about taking immersion up a notch.
  • HyperX Cloud Stinger – This is the most affordable of the bunch but doesn’t have compromisations when it comes to quality. For a price that is less than $100, this gaming headset is great for budget-conscious PC gamers. It has a long battery life, noise-canceling mic, and digital surround sound. What more can you ask?

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are taking over stores in today’s time. With its high-performance and ear-inducing tactile sounds, it’s no wonder that mech gaming keyboards are preferred by PC gamers. What’s more, is you can replace its keycaps which give you customizability to the fullest.

Whether you want to buy a keycap bundle or create one on your own using a plastic injection mould, the sky’s the limit for customization. Here are the best gaming mech keyboards you will surely love.

  • Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro – Razer has been around for years making top-notch PC equipment, and this mech gaming keyboard is no exception. It is a wireless mech keyboard that is ergonomically designed to give you that comfortable feel while using it. Not to mention, it’s very responsive and a breeze to use too.
  • Corsair K100 RGB – Durability is the game of this mech keyboard. If you are into MMO gaming, then this one will never disappoint. And thanks to its dedicated Corsair OPX switches, it gives you better control and responsiveness overall.
  • Logitech G413 Keyboard – For the budget-conscious, you can never go wrong with this mech game keyboard. It has all the basics and without compromising the quality to cut costs. If it’s your first time buying a mech keyboard, then this one hits the spot!

Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs

Being comfortable while you play is the key to avoid tilting or going in rage mode. That’s why you need a gaming chair to accompany you with that. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a break on your gaming chair or doze off for a few minutes after a successful or failed match.

Here are the best gaming chairs you would definitely don’t want to miss.

  • Secretlab Titan 2020 Series – Secretlab has been around in the gaming chair scene for quite some time now. And the quality of their gaming chairs has always been off the charts. And their recent Titan 2020 Series is another masterpiece in the making. Made from SoftWeave fabric and Prime 2.0 PU Leather, this one is truly a must-buy.
  • Cougar Argo Gaming Chair – If you want a simple yet comfy gaming chair, then this is definitely the one. Built from a durable metal base and paired with a breathable mesh, comfort has never been this good.
  • Razer Iskur Ultimate Gaming Chair – Thie one is equipped with a high-density foam that takes comfort to the next level. And thanks to its PVC leather, it gives you the best of both worlds of style and functionality with every play.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

Aim with precision and attack with style with the help of a gaming mouse. Here are some of our best gaming mouse picks that will bring out the gamer in you.

  • Logitech G203 Lightsync – Experience the best of affordability and performance into one with this gaming mouse. Thanks to its 8,000 DPI Logitech sensor and dedicated response switches, playing games with this mouse feels like a breeze.
  • Corsair Ironclaw RGB Mouse – Elegance and style are what this mouse is made of. And if you have large hands, this gaming mouse is for you. The sides are also grippy and comfortable so you can hold onto this mouse during extreme game segments.
  • Razer Naga Pro Mouse – The Razer line of products never failed to amaze us, and this one is another worthy addition to their catalog. This gaming mouse comes with various mappable buttons on the sides, as well as an insane 20,000 DPI sensor. So if you are into fast-paced and heart-racing games, this is definitely the one!


Having top-grade PC equipment will vastly improve your gaming experience. And we hope these recommendations have been a big help for you in deciding which peripheral to buy. So what are you waiting for? Get your wallets ready and shop for gaming equipment today.