Top Global Trials You Should Visit On Your Motorcycle


Motorcycle rides can be very uplifting as it differs from a typical family car. Riding a motorcycle provides an experience where you can immerse yourself completely, making for an unmatched adventure. If you’re thinking of where you should go next, we’ve compiled a list of the top trails you should visit. While you’re at it, check out some of the Best Motorcycle Sat Nav 2021 to bring along on your trip. Let’s dive into the different motorcycle routes:


Pacific Coast

Vastly similar to the first route we shared, unforgettable motorcycle routes are masked in several manners! When it comes to places to ride, it is almost impossible to find naysayers of the Pacific Coast Highway. If you have the liberty of time, we encourage you to cover all 620 miles of the SR1 which will take you to the south of Los Angeles from the north of San Francisco.

In the event where you do not have time to spare, you can opt for the marvellous region between Monterey and the waterfront city of Morro Bay. The route takes you along the cliffs and gorgeous Pacific Ocean landscape beneath, through Carmel-by-the-Sea and Big Sur down south to the volcanic plug in Morro Bay. Do note that it’s a short ride of only 200 kilometres, so don’t be afraid to slow down and take in the view as you go along the trail.

North Yorkshire

Breathtaking routes do not necessitate unfamiliar destinations. The encounters and the universality of a trail are what make it unique. This route may not possess the attractiveness that the previous one does, but it is not any less remarkable. Stretching from the northern parts of Europe to the verge of Africa, the Trans European Trail encompasses many amazing tracks and stupendous roads. However, the highlight of this trail begins at Kendal in the Lake District, passing by the Irish Sea before leading you along the north of England into Newcastle on Tyre. You will be mesmerized by the charm of the Lakes, the grandeur of the North Yorkshire Moors, and the beautiful County Durham countryside.

A trail bike or a small adventure bike would be most appropriate here, so journeying with an extravagant BMW R1250GS might result in a difficult experience. However, the company of the right bike and best companions will result in an unforgettable four days of riding and drinking in pubs along the way.


Italy is an all-time crowd favourite. And while we have explored this remarkable country from Tuscany’s olive groves to riding escapades starting from Sanremo to Sestriere, our favourite part of this trail is definitely the breathtakingly stunning Amalfi coast which is located right below Naples, on the south of the Sorrentine Peninsula. While the route is a mere 60km in length, it has beautiful scenery to make up for it, starting out in Sorrento and making its way to Amalfi. The path goes along the coastline and occasionally along cliffs where you can hear the crash of the Mediterranean waves beneath. The road passes through villages that look like they came straight out of a tourist postcard, rocky tunnels, and don’t forget to look out for hairpin turns and corners just in case a tourist bus approaches!

But fret not, the views are so gorgeous that there is no need for you to ride hastily and rush through the trail, so no matter what motorcycle you are riding, take your time and enjoy this legendary road.

Great Ocean Road

24 hours is more than sufficient for you to complete the 300-kilometre journey along The Great Ocean Road which takes you from Torquay to Peterborough –– although the ride across these Aussie towns definitely trumps the one between their UK counterparts. Along the way, you will be able to witness the breathtaking Victoria coastline and immerse yourself in the thick rainforest and the exposed clifftops overlooking the mesmerizing horizon far away to the south. Completed in 1932, it is indeed a challenge to select the best part of the lovely ribbon of blacktop which took 14 years to complete. The Shipwreck Coast portion of the journey which encompasses the limestone pillars sticking out of the way is relatively unique, so is the track looming over the Apollo Coastal Nature receive. We would recommend taking a pit stop at these places to take in the views.

This trail is completely made up of solid tarmac, so any bike will do the job just fine, with a basic bike or a Yamaha Tenere 700 being able to serve you equally well.



Despite it not being a typical motorcycling location but upon consideration of the trail, maybe we should include Romania in our bucket list. Similar to the unforgettable tracks in the area, the Transfagarasan Highway –– more commonly known as the DN7C –– was initially built in the early 1970s as a road to be utilized by the army under the rule of the unforgiving Nicolae Ceaucescu. The countless uphills and valleys of this 90-kilometre road will elevate you to the Carpathian Mountains which are sandwiched by Sibiu and Boscov.


In contrast to routes that are up in the mountains over ocean views, this path is wildly exhilarating from end to end. Along Ireland’s coastline lies the Wild Atlantic Way that stretches over 2500km. It takes about a fortnight to tackle this trail when you take into account the turbulent weather patterns and tricky roads. A Triumph Bonneville or Africa Twin makes for a great bike to ride the Wild Atlantic Way.

Leh District

Khardung La Pass earned its reputation as the tallest road on Earth to be explored by motorbikes. The road starts at Tsai and goes north up to the mountains where you reach the peak before going down again reaching Leh. The altitude can pose some challenges and may require some effort to get to the top, but it will be so worth it! A bike with adequate fuel injection and suspension will help you through these rocky roads.


If you’ve tried any of these roads, congrats! If not, these motorcycle paths are some of the best in the world, so feel free to try these for yourself if you’re up for the challenge!