Top 7 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry has gone through lots of ups and downs in the last ten years. Although the industry hit rock bottom in 2012, it has been experiencing huge gains since then.

Today, the industry is fiercely competitive, and it’s only those with great marketing strategies that can thrive and make substantial profits.

Just like in other industries, marketing is a very instrumental part of the real estate growth process.

Realtors who haven’t mastered the real estate marketing strategies relevant in this industry can find it challenging to get the right clients.

When they’re unable to get their listings before the right customers, realizing profits and success might become hard.

While real estate is a lucrative market, the ability to have the best property sale marketing strategies will provide an edge over your competitors.

If you haven’t mastered the practical real estate marketing strategies, worry not!

We’ve taken the liberty to round up seven useful luxury real estate marketing ideas to help you sell more properties.

1. Identify Your Target Market

As a realtor, you might already have a target clientele, probably young people looking to buy their first homes. Narrowing down your clientele helps you focus on becoming a professional in that niche.

When you become an expert in a given field, you can easily learn what drives the target market, the long and short-term direction, and any potential risks involved.

For example, if you learn that there’s a new real estate project coming up in your area, you can adjust your marketing strategy to the project.

It could be a major road, mall, or school. Modifying your approach to the new development will prove to be beneficial.

2. Setup Your Socials

Setup Your Socials

Setting up your social networks is one of the most critical marketing strategies for real estate agents.

People spend much time going through various social media pages to keep up with trends or entertainment news.

Suppose you create social network profiles in some of the leading social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp for Business, and Instagram. In that case, you’re bringing more visibility to your brand so that the right people will see it.

A social media profile goes a long way in communicating with your potential and existing customers. Besides being a good press, you get to market your properties as well.

It’s also essential to link these social media profiles to your company website so that clients can look for more information about your practice or you through those links.

3. Establish a Professional Website

As a realtor, you’ve got to have an online presence. This strategy is perhaps the most important real estate marketing tips you can hear from an expert today.

The internet has snowballed over the years, and realtors who know their onions are taking advantage of it to reach potential customers.

You need to create a professional website. More real estate agents know and understand this; that’s why these agents have their own websites.

If they’re doing it and succeeding with it, so should you!

Besides the functionality, a professional website needs to have aesthetic appeal.

It should contain high-quality pictures of available listings, premium quality content, and be easy to navigate.

For example, if you list a family home on your website, add a definitive description of the property, including beautiful pictures to attract potential customers.

It’s also very crucial to keep the contents on your website fresh and update your listings regularly.

Tim Stout & Associates does a superb job of uploading valuable content for new and old real estate investors, with a modern site highlighting their recent listings and their locations. Click here to get free real estate social media posts.

4. Start an Email Newsletter

Newsletters remain one of the most time-tested marketing strategies for real estate agents to build trust between your potential customers, existing clients, and you.

To expand your reach, create a newsletter highlighting new listings and local news through email. Consider taking it a step further and showcase houses more interactively through Messenger.

If someone is interested in a house, they can reach out through the Messenger chat window to know more.

Ensure to pack your newsletters with adequate information on housing marketing news, open houses, or the latest sales to have people signing up to be your client soon.

5. Leverage Virtual Tours

Buyers love virtual tours because it enables them to gain a solid perspective of the property’s look before seeing it in person. These can be a great way to showcase a property for sale in Portugal or elsewhere in the world.

If possible, make virtual tours one of your top strategic marketing plans for selling properties. Should your budget allow you to use a drone, please do. Drones are the modern way to get all the angles and heights of the building both inside and out.

Additionally, you can use software like Ezvid to create a virtual tour for potential clients by uploading pictures to it or using a 360-degree camera.

6. Engage in Content Marketing

Content marketing is inarguably one of the best marketing strategies for real estate agents. Through this strategy, you can draw visitors to your blog or website.

However, you need to identify related external sites with a large audience to market your content.

Simply put, content marketing involves building relevant and valuable content on famous authority sites, which links back to unique, relevant, helpful, and similar content on your site.

Consider leveraging sites like Medium, LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Quora, amongst others, for more visibility.

Nonetheless, you’ll need anchor content built on your own website to draw visitors to your site.

7. Partner With Your Local Community

Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are invaluable. And what’s more? They play to your strength, which is the touch of a local real estate agent.

Partner with organizations for community-based projects.

Volunteering or organizing special events builds relationships with people and enables you to connect with them.

And the best part?

You can even take photographs and share them on social media to boost engagements.

Consider collaborating with other local businesses or even real estate agency partners to provide a free class on first-time property purchases.

The benefits?

As your network grows larger, your chances of getting referrals increase too.


The real estate market is tough, and trying to survive against heavy players with big budgets makes it even more challenging.

To succeed, you need tested and trusted real estate promotional ideas.

Follow these seven real estate marketing strategies to build your business on a budget.