Top 5 Reasons Every Family Should Adopt a Maltipoo Puppy

If you’ve been contemplating adding a new member to your family – one that is sweet, intelligent, and furry, you might consider adopting a Maltipoo. This hybrid dog breed is small and easily adapts to family life. It also is friendly and likes being around children. Just make sure your kids are old enough to understand that it’s a “no-no” to tease or surprise the puppy.

Where Can I Find Maltipoo Puppies Near Me?

If you already are familiar with Maltipoos and their looks and behavior, you’ll probably naturally ask that all-important question, “Where are Maltipoo puppies near me?” You can adopt maltipoos at nearby pet stores, through area breeders, or go online and order a puppy that has already been trained.

You heard right! You can actually have your puppy trained in the basic commands before welcoming it into your home. The site, My Doodle Maltipoos features Maltipoos for sale with this added benefit.

Traits and Characteristics

Before we explore why you should include a Maltipoo in your family, we’ll need to introduce this shaggy and hypoallergenic companion first. Because the Maltipoo is a mixed breed, it has a little bit of Maltese and Poodle in its makeup. As a result, a Maltipoo may have a coat that is wavy or curly that is white, gray, black, cream, silver, or black.

Pups can live up to 15 years if they are well-trained and follow a good diet and exercise routine. While breeders label the dogs as hypoallergenic, no dog can completely live up to this trait. However, a Maltipoo does not create the dander other dogs do and can be a nice fit for an allergy sufferer.

Family-friendly Reasons for Adopting a Maltipoo

Maltipoos make an ideal family companion as they are affectionate and trusting dogs. The following reasons will convince you why making them a family pet makes perfect sense.

1. Maltipoos Make Friends Easily with People and Animals

While they will defend their family, Maltipoos are also warm and amiable pets. They make friends with other pets and humans quite readily.

2. Maltipoos are Easy to Groom

It’s easier to train kids to groom their pet if the pet is also easier to groom. A Maltipoo sheds little and requires about a 10-minute brushing each day. Getting your kids in the habit of brushing the dog will teach them responsibility and keep your furry friend free of mats.

3. Maltipoos Add to Family Fun Time

Maltipoos are energetic pups that like to run and play. This makes it possible for you to get together with your family for a lively game of go-fetch. Take your dog to the park and throw a Frisbee or a ball. Both you and your dog are bound to be entertained.

4. Maltipoos are Smart Dogs

When you adopt a trained Maltipoo pup, you’ll find that your dog will also grasp new commands fairly quickly. Because the dogs have short attention spans, devote any additional training to a schedule that takes about 10 minutes per day.

5. Maltipoos Make Excellent Watch Dogs

As noted, the Maltipoo is both cute and friendly. However, it will also protect you and your family. They are quick to alert their family about suspicious activities.

The Ideal Family Companion

As you can see, a Maltipoo is an excellent family companion and pet. The dog is easy-to-train, protective, loyal, fun-loving, and friendly. What’s not to like when you adopt a Maltipoo as your family pet?