Top 5 Places to Live Your Best Life in Smyrna, Tennessee

Are you searching to relocate to a unique and livable place in Nashville? Here is why you should consider the town of Smyrna, TN to call your new home.

You are relocating. Sounds like a great plan. Moving to a new location, especially an unfamiliar place is really exciting but comes with a boatload of worries. If you are a Tennessean, you already know about the brimming towns all around the state. And if you’re not, let us tell you why the smaller towns in Tennessee are dreamy and reasonable at the same time.

Some of Tennessee’s better suburbs are located in the east and south side, and right in the middle of the southeast lies a little piece of heaven in the form of a small town. So if you are interested in moving to a town crammed with scenic landscapes but with a low cost of living, we may have a piece of heaven waiting called Smyrna.

Our Top Picks: Neighborhood Overview

Smyrna has a livability score that is higher than average. It is calculated based on the city’s data points, and accumulation is determined based on those variables. The factors are education, crime, residents’ satisfaction, etc. All these factors make this town a great place to live.

Smyrna is an amazing town to live in throughout the entire year, but the months of September, May, and October are the most pleasant in terms of weather. January and December are the least pleasant months.

Housing options include high-end and mid-range single-family homes, apartments, and living communities for the elderly. There are 10 constituent neighborhoods in Smyrna, and it has the 15th largest community in all of Tennessee. In Smyrna, the median cost of buying a home is $294,200 with  9.6 percent home appreciation in the past decade.

The housing market in Smyrna has affordable options with homes under $250,000 (lowest priced) to $1,000,000 (median-priced). Some of the top places to live in Smyrna, TN are listed below, with real estate prices and neighborhood overview.

Rocky Fork

Real estate prices are slightly more expensive in Rocky Fork than in some of the other areas. The median price is $397,509 if you want to buy. The rental price on average is $1,894, also higher than most of the neighborhoods. The area is made up of single-family homes, from 3-4 bedrooms to larger homes with five bedrooms or more.

Rocky Fork properties are mostly owned privately, and the residences were built between 1970 to 1999, which makes them comparatively newer. This area stands out the most due to the large number of single-family homes.


The median price of real estate in Hilltop is $194,985, also more expensive than some other areas. The rental price on average is  $1,723. The residential neighborhood has a variety of properties ranging from moderate (3 to 4 bedrooms) to smaller quarters with a studio or two-bedroom layout. It consists mostly of townhomes and single-family homes.

The neighborhood in Hilltop has a great feeling to it. When you drive or walk around the area, your view of all the buildings can make all the difference. There are a few parks in this area as well, making it a great family-friendly suburb.


Florence is a family-friendly area, nestled in a close community,  conveniently located near shopping malls and restaurants. Some of the amenities include having access to a nearby swimming pool, playground and a clubhouse. Florence is another beautiful neighborhood with a median real estate price of $263,295 and an average rental price of $2,418.

In this area, you will find medium-sized single-family homes to apartment complexes/high-rises. In Florence, there is a good mix of property owners and tenants. The suburban neighborhood is relatively newer than the others, as it has been mostly developed since 2000.

Rock Springs Road

You’ll find many vacant lots in this area. The average home price on Rock Springs Rd/Cedar Grove Heath Rd is $266,832. The average rental price is $2,201. This area is a great option as it has a wide range of options in terms of home sizes. There are small and medium single-family homes as well as high-rise apartment complexes.

This is also a great option for families, as you will find great schools in the nearby area. Rock Springs School offers elementary, middle or junior high school. The closest high school is called Smyrna High school, also very conveniently located.

Stones River Homes

Stones River Homes’ median real estate price is $206,828, and the rental price on average is $1,677. This neighborhood is primarily made of small and medium-sized single-family homes, with some small apartment buildings as well.

There are many specialties in this neighborhood. Firstly, it looks. It’s located near the Stones River streams. The buildings in this area all date from a particular period, and the store signs can also be seen in different languages. All of these add to the culture of this area. The other highlight of this place is its way of life.

Small Town, Big Convenience- Smyrna

Small town life is usually underrated in comparison to big city life. It is neglected when people consider living choices. This is completely based on the idea of job opportunities, recreation, transportation, accessibility, and more importantly, living a fast-paced life.

Recently, many towns have been developed to attract more residents, catering to their lifestyle and needs. If you want to exclude the hustle and bustle of your metro life but avail yourself of all the advantages of city life, then Smyrna TN should be your destination. It is huddled in Rutherford County, offering a wide range of residences including beautiful single-family homes, condos and luxurious apartments.

A breathtaking small town located exactly between Nashville and Murfreesboro, this precious town gives its residents the biggest advantage: accessibility. It is close and convenient to get to nearby big cities. It is also a great place to live and work. Let’s get down to the details.


Smyrna is ideal for many reasons. It is located in Rutherford County, which is 25 miles to the southeast of Nashville. It has a stable and growing economy, the main source being manufacturing. It is also a great choice for its low cost of living, although it is known to be the best place to live in Tennessee.

It has also been ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The total population is currently at 53,070, growing gradually at the rate of 1.7 percent yearly (last year). It is the perfect choice for families looking for a bigger space with children, giving them a suburban feeling.

Lower Cost of Living

This is the winning factor when it comes to selecting the best option. It always comes down to the cost of living, unless you are actively relocating for a job. The lower cost of living in comparison to most of the other towns and cities makes Smyrna a great choice. Whether you are buying or renting, housing costs take up a whole chunk of your finances. The perk of living in a small town is being able to afford a house and getting a better value for money, unlike big cities.

Close-Knit Community

Another solid reason for families to move to a smaller town is the touch of community. The faces around you will become familiar, and you will develop relationships with people before you know it. Having people around you and belonging to a strong community truly makes you feel like you are home.

Less Crime

Fewer people means less crime. This is another factor that adds to the security of living in a small town. Residents are all familiar with each other, so they almost function as a family. No place is without unfortunate incidents, but smaller towns are relatively safer in terms of crimes.

Slower Pace

A slow and steady lifestyle can take you a long way when it comes to your mental health and managing stress. A small town allows you to take it easy, unlike the hustling and bustling of bigger cities. After a long day at work, you will not be worried about the noisy commute back home; you may even be able to walk to work.


Smyrna is a family-friendly town that offers more than meets the eye. It is conveniently centered between Nashville (23 miles) and Murfreesboro (12 miles). There are multiple parks for outdoor activities within the town like Gregory Mill Park, along with outdoor movie options at the Rotary Soccer Park. The town is always holding festivals and is big on celebrating events like Halloween, Christmas, and other national holidays. It has a skating rink, bowling alleys, and lots of shopping options.

There’s a nice range of recreational activities designed for different age groups. There are neighborhood parks as well for children and families. Oh, did we mention Sharp Springs Park? You will be impressed with the golf course and hiking trails. You can even go canoeing or kayaking on Stewarts Creek.

Health and Wellness

There is a well recognized A-rated hospital called Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna. It is the largest medical service provider with 109 beds as of now, providing top-notch health care.

Great Schools

Smyrna is also great for education, as the school ranks high on national standards. Thurman Francis Arts Academy is a K-8 magnet school program, which ranked 3rd out of 23 in all of Rutherford County elementary schools. The recognition is based on teacher performance, student graduation and enrollment rates, and reviews from parents.

Final Thoughts

Smyrna is a hidden gem located on the outskirts of Nashville. It has all the perks and features of a great suburban neighborhood and is located centrally in Rutherford County, the middle point of the entire state. For this reason, it has always been home to many people, offering convenience as well as beauty.