Top 5 Online Entertainment Trends to Follow in 2021

The online entertainment industry has always served as a survival method for internet dwellers. Since 2020 brought the physical world to a standstill, trendsetters have begun seeking shelter in cyberspace.

Daniel Bennet, our entertainment expert here, says digital activity is on the rise now more than ever. Some of these activities are augmentations of current popular entertainment trends. Others consist of unique and, sometimes, even questionable fun. 

Join us as we look at some of the entertainment trends such as UWatchfree that we can expect to see in 2021.

Decentralized Content Sharing

Content streaming used to refer to binge-watching on Netflix or a live gaming session. Nowadays, there’s a host of other platforms to enjoy content in all shapes and forms. Creators are learning to categorize their content to cater to all groups of viewers and Pop Events.

The modern audience can receive personalized content and ignore everything else. What users can’t miss, however, is the site behind those content. Users and creators are subject to strict regulations of sharing platforms. Most of the published materials can disappear at the owner’s whim (Instagram and YouTube come to mind).

Decentralized sharing platforms give users the freedom to express through their content. No more is the fear of censorship and removal. Creators get to manage materials on a public network where anyone can participate. Sites like LBRY are seeing a steady rise in user base  – some of which have migrated from YouTube.

Digital Companions

If 2020 has taught us only one thing, it’s that people are overrated. All jokes aside, social distancing has become a global policy and may remain a norm in the future. Humans are a social creature, and as isolation grows, so does our need for companionship.

Fortunately, technology can bring us many things, including friends. 

Digital companions come in a variety of customizable traits. Replika, one of the pioneering companies, allows users to assign genders, names and voices to their “friends.” These AI will generate humanlike texts and responses to keep their buddies engaged.

Replika has garnered over seven million users and claims this number is still rising.

Online Casinos

Of all the media and entertainment industry trends 2021 might have to offer, few can compare to the profitable kind.

Internet gaming has been around for a while and is still evolving. With 2020 keeping people indoors, online casinos got an innovative boost. There is more variety to slot machines and table games now than ever. Players can even engage with live dealers through the screen.

Popular sites, such as 1xslots, are drawing in more players every day. The growing player base of the online casino industry may one day exceed its traditional counterpart. 


eSports was kind of a late bloomer. When Starcraft II came out, developers saw the potential of digital competition. The SC world tournament marked the rise of eSports with more than 50 million viewers. 

From that point on, there came many other titles in various playstyles. We think of Halo, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. A game stops being just a game when money and fame are involved. eSports has brought many players to the spotlight and has an enormous audience. 

Zoom Parties

Calling apps aren’t exactly breaking news, and Zoom never really stood out until recently. The pandemic did more than just hinder daily lives – it crippled communications. 

From the depths of the global crisis, Zoom has risen to help people stay connected. The company, since then, has remained the trendiest means to reach out to others.

In terms of functionality, Zoom is not much different from the next guy. What makes it better is the performance. One Zoom call can host over 100 members and last up to 40 minutes. The audio/video quality is second to none and always consistent. 

It’s also free to use as a bonus. 

Since the waves of lockdowns, people have gotten creative with their Zoom activities. There are so many games created just to play while on this app. Bingo, CAH, and Pictionary are some of the popular ones.


While the future of the entertainment industry depends on the outcome of 2020, nothing stops us from having the fun we got now. 

The best trend is the one forever evolving. Try some of the entertainment mentioned here. Your real favourite hobby might have been waiting for this whole time.