Top 5 Myths About Hot Tubs

Hot tubs come with various benefits. Unfortunately, some might hold themselves back from enjoying them from a few misconceptions about hot tubs. Learn a few of the common myths associated with hot tubs so you don’t miss out on all the benefits you can get from them!

Myth #1: Used Hot Tub Worth Paying Less

Wanting to save money can be helpful. However, it’s not always -especially when it comes to hot tubs! People might have the misguided idea that buying a cheap hot tub is just as good as paying for a brand new one. When you’re buying a used hot tub, you’re most likely getting one that’s an older model. In which case, you can expect it to fail on you more. In turn, this means you will need to pay to replace parts more often. It gets even more costly if these parts are limited in supply. From having to pay so much to keep it going, you end up spending a lot more money long-term than you would have from just buying a new one. In essence, you’re paying for what you get when you choose to buy a used hot tub – which isn’t good quality!

Myth #2: Hot Tubs Are Expensive to Operate

People easily get deterred from purchasing a hot tub because of how expensive it could be to operate. They don’t want to see their energy bill skyrocket just from a few uses. Perhaps some hot tub models in the past may have been expensive. However, hot tub technology has changed drastically throughout the years. Today, you can find hot tub models that are designed to be energy-efficient. In which case, it might beg the question of how good they are at energy consumption. Well, you would be surprised to know that some hot tub models can cost as low as $20 per month. That’s not bad! If you think about it, that amount is about the same price, if not less than a take-out meal. It puts into perspective that operational costs aren’t going to hurt your wallet. Instead, you can see it as small investments toward your wellness from a hot tub!

Myth #3: More Jets Make a Hot Tub Better

Perhaps you may have heard from other hot tub owners that the most jets, the better the hot tub. On the contrary, that’s not the case! It’s easy for people to assume more jets seem better. After all, many people’s motivation for getting a hot tub stems from finding muscle relief. The misconception is that more jets will result in being able to give utmost relief to your muscles. In actuality, it doesn’t matter. When you’re looking into a hot tub, you want to consider a few factors that will promote maximum massage sensation. In which case, you need to bear in mind the hot tub type, quality, and placement of jets. Considering these factors can help you find a hot tub that is suitable for you instead of paying a hefty amount of money for way too many unnecessary jets!

Myth #4: Hot Tubs Are Too High Maintenance

Not everyone is a fan of maintenance. Though people typically don’t like maintenance which seems either time-consuming or too difficult to deal with themselves. Hot tub maintenance is important to keep with, but it’s honestly not as bad as some might think.

All you need to do weekly is remove debris and use test strips to measure pH, chemical, alkalinity and calcium levels, and adjust your chemicals as required. That in itself should only take around a few minutes to do. Meanwhile, monthly maintenance is even less. All you need to do is clean your filters.

If you are wondering when you should replace or deep-clean your filters along with draining and refilling your hot tub, it’s also incredibly low maintenance. You only need to do so every three to six months. In which case, hot tub maintenance isn’t that hard as long as you only take a few minutes to do so consistently. Those efforts go a long way to ensure it is well maintained!

Myth #5: That Hot Tubs Are Unsanitary

Unfortunately, the most pervasive myth about hot tubs is how it’s considered unsanitary. Hot tubs aren’t inherently like that. When people don’t maintain hot tubs properly, they can certainly get dirty. If you know you can handle maintenance, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, some might attest that maintenance might not be enough. Based on the materials used, chlorine, bromine, and mineral-based purifiers can all quickly and effectively kill bacteria, mold, fungus and other impurities. Additionally, those with hot tub covers help keep dirt and debris from getting into the water and clogging the filters, which makes maintenance quicker and easier in return.

With how popular hot tubs are, it’s not surprising there were a few myths surrounding them. Hopefully, from debunking every common myth about hot tubs, you have a better understanding of how they truly operate and potentially benefit from one!