Top 5 Best Movies about Casino

There have been several classic gambling movies. Movies revolving around casinos come with inherent drama and are fun to watch. Whether you are fond of casinos and gambling or not, you are going to love the movies. Let’s take a quick look at these movies. In case you are a gambler, the movies will remind you of the best moments in the casino and will make you feel delighted.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get to the list of these movies.

  1. Casino. The first one on the list is the movie from 1995. It showcases a lavish lifestyle. You will get to see the dangers of Las Vegas in the movie. Casino, the movie by Martin Scorsese, brought the glamour of Las Vegas to the table, but it combined it with criminality and brutality. An interesting aspect of the movie was the fact that it has been shot in a real operating casino. Riviera, Las Vegas, had been rented for 6 weeks from midnight to 10am. This was mainly to make the movie look authentic and convey the game’s real spirit. The casino is a high ranking movie. If you are a Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro fan, you should definitely watch it. The movie comes with an amazing supporting performance. There are some scenes that are going to be etched in your memory forever. This is the perfect movie to watch for casino lovers.

  2. Casino Royale. The list is going to be incomplete without the mention of Casino Royale. Even if you don’t like James Bond, this is a brilliantly shot movie that is going to make your day. Get a bucket of popcorn and a cold drink to start watching this enthralling movie. People of all ages are going to love it. The whole plot revolves around the tournament of Texas Hold’em that is going to take place in Montenegro. There is a terrorist group that strongly desires to hit the jackpot. The terrorist has set the ground for their plan to succeed. However, James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, is not going to let this happen. If you get too excited while watching this movie, you can try out the best online casinos Canada and play the games that it has to offer. There is a wide range of games to choose from. So, you can have some casino fun while watching the movie on your couch. The most memorable aspect of the movie is the one with the amazing showdown at the Monte Carlo felt when Bond plays against his adversary. The movie’s pace is incredible. Eva Green is amazing, and the poker game will keep you on your toes.

  3. The Cooler. In Wayne Kramer’s movie William H.Macy plays an incredible character. In the movie ‘Cooler’ is Macy. He is a man with such bad luck that the casino owners used to make him stand at a table of players who were on a hot streak. Their luck changed without fail, and the house edge of the casino was restored. However, his lucky charm changes, and he finds himself turning out to be lucky for the Vegas gamblers. The fun premise is supported by a stunning central performance. It gives viewers an insight into gambling superstitions and people’s idea of luck.

  4. The Cincinnati Kid. Another film that records a host of good performances is The Cincinnati Kid. The movie stars Steve McQueen. It will tell you a story of an upcoming gambler. He uses his wits against Lancey Howard, the high roller of the day. Lancey agrees to play against McQueen because he saw that the kid has only made his name in the backroom games. A series of distractions further troubles the kid. The movie culminates in each of the players raising their stakes in the game. Thus, it is exciting to see the finale and one of them coming out on top.

  5. Rounders. This is a fun movie for all the young minds out there. It features young Matt Damon. He is an entrepreneur who wins at the poker table to pay for the university fees. You will find several famous faces in the movie. Edward Norton and John Malkovich have also made appearances in the movie. The show climaxes with a stunning high stake game where Malkovich plays the role of an incomparable poker baron whom Damon has to defeat. The movie contains brilliant performances by Norton. It has an authentic depiction of the poker strategy. Only a few movies are able to render so beautifully.

There are many movies that did not make it to the list of top 5, and you may disagree with some choices. Nevertheless, these films follow the casino topic beautifully and are worth a watch.