Top 5 Activities to Look for in Iquitos Tours

Iquitos is the largest city in the world that is inaccessible by road. You can access the city either by air or river, and that’s where the adventure begins. The city has various attractions and adventure sites that leave visitors with many options to choose from. It is well known for tourism, culture, entertainment, art, and commerce. Below we explore some other top activities to explore in Iquitos.

See the Iron House

The iron house, otherwise known as La Casa de Fierro, is a large iron house built at the end of the 19th Century. The entire house is made of iron from the walls, balcony, and ceiling. It’s one of the most visited sites in Iquitos and is considered one of the best samples of civil architecture in the country. The iron house is believed to be the first prefabricated house in the Americas. The house is believed to have been brought to Iquitos in pieces and assembled in 1890. It houses a restaurant on the second floor and stores on the ground floor.

Do Not Miss a River Boat Ride During Iquitos Tours

Boat rides on the Amazon river are an exciting adventure to most visitors, leaving a memorable and unique experience. The rides allow you to view the pink dolphins and other sea life. You also get to see colorful birds along the river. Depending on the route, you may interact with various indigenous people and even visit wildlife reserves. Boat ride costs depend on the speed of the boat, the number of passengers, and the distance.

Hike Through the Rainforest

Visitors explore the rainforest, which has millions of insect species, birds, plants, and wildlife. The rainforest encroaches the city on all sides, making it the primary attraction during Iquitos tours from Grand Amazon Tours. It is believed to be the world’s richest in terms of ecosystem.

There’s vast vegetation, including medicinal plants and other trees such as palm trees, acacia, brazil nuts, rosewood, and rubber trees. The forest also produces mahogany and cedar trees which are some of the best and priciest timber sources. Some of the animals found in the rainforest include red deer, tapir, manatee, jaguar, and monkeys.

Tour a Sugarcane Rum Processing Factory

Most of the rum factories are traditional and family-owned and are operated downriver. They mostly have sugar plantations where cane juice is produced using a traditional juice press powered by horses or donkeys. The sugarcane juice is boiled, fermented, filtered then stored to age into rum which most visitors enjoy. The distilleries also make molasses, a process you get to experience during the visit. Since the products are packaged in bottles, you can purchase a few.

Visit an Amazonian Village

This will expose you to the indigenous people in their natural habitat. The villages are located deep in the jungle, far from civilization. Here you interact and dance with the villagers and also buy some handicrafts and handmade textiles.

Iquitos will expose you to a different world that enables you to appreciate nature. From the rainforests, the villages, boat rides, traditional rum processing factories, you appreciate the simple but rich rife experienced in the area, a breathtaking experience away from the city life.