Top 3 Online Website Businesses

Coming up with a great website idea isn’t the easiest thing to do. This why a lot of people consider the idea of making money online a pipedream – even though we’ve all heard of individuals who have made huge sums of money from their website without putting in a lot of work (or so they claim). The crux of the problem with making money online is finding a  website idea that actually makes money, doesn’t require a lot of technical skill or time to master.

Great website ideas exist and all you have to do is dig deep to find the one which fits to match your needs. In this article, we’ll delve into three of the top website ideas and how they can be monetized. Each idea we are going to dissect in this article is a viable part-time business, which can be run even if you have a 9-to-5 job.

It is important to note  – the more you dedicate to each one, the faster you would see results. Put in enough effort and you can quickly scale any of these ideas into a full-time business.

1. An Affiliate Blog

Affiliate websites have a lot of targeted content which is used to promote services and products, their website visitors would most likely consider useful. When a website visitor makes a purchase, the website owner gets a portion of the sale. Affiliates blogging is very competitive because the only way you make money is if you can drive sales.

Affiliate bloggers sign up to affiliate programs like the one Amazon run or WealthPress and get a commission on each sale completed when a  website visitor clicks on a link.

Setting up an affiliate blog is pretty simple. However, because it is so popular, building a blog that is actually profitable is a lot of work. Do not be discouraged, affiliate blogging is still a great website idea, especially for 9-to-5ers because you can publish a new post whenever you have the time to write. Stay committed and your blog can grow to generate a decent income. It is definitely number one on our list of website idea is to pursue.

Tips to get you started

Pick a  niche: We recommend you choose a niche for your blog, so your content is more streamlined and you can build a  following. Try to choose the one you are familiar with. For example, specialising in orthopaedic shoes as opposed to just generic footwear. Also, make sure to find a brandable and memorable name and webhost to increase your chances of success. Choose a great local web host if you want to capture the local market. For example, if you live in or target the market in New Zeland, then Openhost domain names NZ come well recommended.

Research the best affiliate programs for your niche: certain niches have affiliate programs that offer higher payouts than popular programs like Amazon’s. It is always more to do some research before you sign up, so you can make the most profits long-term.

Set up a content schedule and follow-through: drawing up a content schedule will make your blogging routine, which will help you to commit to it. In addition, when you publish content regularly, it increases the chances of your site becoming profitable. If affiliate blogging is something you’d like to try, please follow this guide on how to start a blog.

When your affiliate blog begins to make money, we recommend you contemplate getting more hands on deck to make the most of your increased traffic.

2. Dropshipping with an online store

Did you know, a lot of small e-commerce stores do not ship items themselves, they work with drop shippers? Dropshipping is one of the top methods used to run an online store as a side business. When drop shipping, you are not physically involved with the delivery of the product or service, someone else handles the backend. All you do, just like with affiliate marketing, is drive sale. However, unlike affiliate marketing from your customer’s perspective, they are buying directly from you  – without you having to handle customer support, inventory and shipping. What this means is, you can concentrate on getting traffic and optimising your conversion.

Here are some things tips to help you get started:

Select a niche:  niche-specific products are far easier to sell than a listing of an extensive range of products.

Choose dropshipping partners with a great reputation:  your reputation is on the line and you need a partner who would ship to your buyers, products in perfect condition in a timely manner.

Be prepared for expansion: as your online store grows, you should consider including and offering more product in your listing. At some point, you might even decide to tackle delivery the items yourself,  if you choose to transition into full-time online sales.

3. Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is an easy way to make a good income on the side, particularly if you are familiar with web development. The concept of reseller web hosting is simpler. A Webhosting reseller buys a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider, this plan comes with tools and features, which makes it possible for you to resell server resources and space to web users. For example, if your reseller plan is powered by cPanel you can include or exclude certain feature and create custom limits. In addition, you can also get other features that would make managing your reseller account easy.

If you currently sell websites, reseller hosting is a great add-on service that you can give to your customers.