Top 3 Most Successful Pro Player Signings 2020

The trend and popularity of Esports has skyrocketed in the last few years and games like CSGO are breaking the records for the most expensive transfers in the Esports industry.

Just like every year, 2020 also saw some major pro player signings that turned out to be a real changer for the teams!

G2 Acquiring NiKo

G2 Esports signing Nikola Kovac or Niko from Faze Clan was probably the most hyped and successful signing of 2020. This turned out to be one of the best decisions ever made for G2 as NiKo was one of the star players for Faze Clan and the best at what he does.

NiKo went on to deliver some blasting performances for the G2 and speaking of Blast, NiKo went on to bag the victory at Blast premier 2020.

Heroic Signing TeSeS

Rene Madsen –  AKA – TeSes, a star Danish rifler from Copenhagen Flames, was signed by Heroic earlier the year 2020. And he has since helped the team turn things around for good with several excellent performances last year.

This signing proved to be immensely profitable for Heroic as TeSes proved to be one of the most important players for the Danish team, assisting them to win at ESL One Cologne and DreamHack Open Fall, in 2020.

Na’vi Signing Perfecto

Things just can’t get any better than being “perfecto”, and Na’vi got to experience this first hand. 2019 might have been a bad year for the team but they decided to change their fate and the very first decision they made was to bench GuardiaN and sign up a deal with Syman gaming to get Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy.

This 21-years old rifler managed to get the team back in the spotlight. Na’vi also managed to win a tournament and end up being in the top 5 teams for the rest of the tournaments.

With Esports and steam game csgo in particular, gaining so much popularity recently, we are in for some even massive signings later this year! Lucky for us, the matches are going to be ever more competitive and action packed than we have ever seen.