Top 11 Medical Conditions Of Always Being Cold

Are you one of those who have already wrapped up themselves in a winter coat? Do you find yourself consistently colder than everyone else? Are you frustrated with this situation? Are you wearing a jacket all the time? These things would make you frustrated. You may feel the inconvenience and embarrassment of feeling cold all the time. If you have cold intolerance, then there are so many health conditions behind this situation, and only a doctor would help you out. Here in this blog, we are going to share medical conditions of always being cold. Let’s have a look.

Thyroid Disease

Low thyroid function is one of the main reasons for cold intolerance, and this medical problem requires evaluation and treatment from a doctor. You would come across numerous symptoms of thyroid disease. Physicians may require a blood test to identify the actual problem in thyroid hormones. This disease is treatable with medication, and most people having thyroid issues would have a cold feeling all the time.


This disease means your red blood cells do not function right as they should be. There are numerous causes and types of anemia, including iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency and lead toxicity. The doctor would take a blood sample, and they would identify the reason for anemia. Take proper treatment of anemia so as not to get it worse. Anemia is also a reason for always being cold. Make sure you people have to get it diagnosed at an early stage.

Nutrition Deficiency

If you people are not taking a proper nutritional diet, then probable chances occur for not taking the right amount of nutrients. A person who is overweight and obese would have a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. People who eat an adequate amount of food wouldn’t have a nutrient deficiency, but if you are not taking the proper amount of food, various health problems are triggered, including being cold. Nutrition deficiency causes anemia, and it also causes mineral and vitamins deficiencies. This is the result of an unhealthy diet, so pay close attention to diet and add vitamin supplements, which is the best way to fix problems. A mostly nutritional diet affects digestive issues, and it also requires treatment as well.

Blood Circulation Issues

If you people are feeling cold all the time, it could have been due to circulatory problems that cause hands and fingers to appear pale or feel cold. Blood circulation issues narrow down the blood vessels that trigger these issues. Talk to your doctor If you people cannot fix this issue because there are so many reasons behind the blood circulation issues. They would suggest you the best possible remedies.

Hypothalamic Issues

The hypothalamus is a small part of the brain that regulates the hormones throughout the body and improves the pituitary glands. Hypothalamus monitors several body conditions, including temperature, blood pressure, and hydration, to adjust the hormones to normal conditions. If you are feeling cold all the time, then the hypothalamus is not functioning right.


This hormone regulates female reproduction, and the estrogen levels change throughout the life, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. You would see the numerous types of fluctuations in estrogen levels that affect the sensitivity that cause feeling cold all the time, especially in the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, if you have a problem with how to lose weight, you may want to try VivaSlim.  It is best for you to read up on this review about VivaSlim here at

Nerve Injury

This happens during a traumatic accident that damages one part of the nerve and causes a lack of function. People may experience partial recovery from nerve injury and feel cold all the time for hypersensitivity in the body area. When dealing with a certain type of nerve injury, the persistent cold feeling is common in different areas of the body that are directly connected to the injured nerve.


Your body may feel cold because of infection, and body temperature would fluctuate between feeling hot and cold, just like the fever you have. When you have an infection, feeling cold is common, and it simply shows your body consumes so much energy while protecting itself against infection. It would be a temporary situation that may resolve your infection-related issues quickly.

Lack Of Sleep

Many people feel their whole body colder than usual when they don’t sleep properly. Sleep has a vital role in regulating body temperature, and sleep disruption affects the process. It will make you colder. Make sure you people are heading towards sorting out this issue. Do proper rest to avoid further uncertain issues.

Alcohol Intake

If you people are in alcohol addiction and taking alcohol in winters to keep yourself warm, then it could be the better solution for you, but it starts getting off quickly and starts feeling cold or shivering. In cold weather people are not advised to take alcohol because it slows down the blood circulation and causes serious damage. Alcohol addicted people need to get rid of this abuse because it would trigger so many health conditions. If you want to have further assistance on your health, then take part in alcohol support groups that would assist you in coping with so many other diseases. These groups help treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

Pituitary Problems

The pituitary gland is located in the brain that regulates the body’s hormones, including the thyroid hormone. If you people find any problem in pituitary gland function causing under activity of this gland, it can cause problems with temperature regulation and make your body too hold or cold every time. Consult your doctor to keep yourself protected from uncertain issues.

These are the few medical conditions that may keep you cold all the time. They would ask about different symptoms, appetite changes, weight changes, mood problems, and sleep deprivation issues. Diagnosis earlier is essential, and for people who feel cold all the time, there are chances that they don’t have any medical problems. Consultancy is necessary, so your doctors know what important things you need to follow and avoid. Never compromise on your health and keep yourself away from all those factors that negatively impact health.