TOP-10 Dropshipping products in 2022

Dropshipping is a retail method according to which a store does not keep sold goods in stock. Instead, when an item is sold, the store purchases it from a third party and ships it to the final customer via a cargo & freight company. With such a trading scheme, a seller acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer of goods and the end consumer. This business strategy is becoming more and more popular. Thus, let’s consider what categories of goods are considered top dropshipping products.

TOP-10 Dropshipping Goods for 2022

1. Clothes

This category of goods headed the rating of top dropshipping products 2020. Since that time, the popularity of buying clothes via this method has only increased. The most popular types of garments include:

  • underwear (lace and seamless bras and panties);
  • sportswear (sports bras and leggings);
  • apparel (dresses, pants, blouses, chemises, etc.);
  • plus size garment;
  • socks with amazing prints;
  • clothes for toddlers and kids.

Ready-to-wear clothing items are found on the ratings of top trending dropshipping products 2021. They are widely bought because online stores offer a wide selection of models of any pattern, fabric, size, and color. Thus, it is possible to create stylish and modern outfits.

2. Fitness equipment

All sorts of fitness trackers and related staff appeared in the rating of top dropshipping products 2021. Sport is a new trend in recent years. Thousands of people go to gyms or fitness clubs. Doing sport and being toned and fit are mainstream in the 21st century. Thus, every fitness man or woman has at least a tracker.

Here, also mention yoga and fitness mats. The market for fitness mats has already grown by 7%, and it is expected to grow further in 2022. So, high-quality non-slipping mats are a good solution for wholesale dropshipping top products exporters.

3. E-cigarettes and vaporizers

Let’s continue the topic of a healthy lifestyle. Tabaco smoking is a scourge of the 21st century. Along with turning to a sports lifestyle, people try to refuse to smoke. Breaking a bad habit is rather complicated, so vaporizers have gained popularity and become top-selling dropshipping products. Smoking in the 21st century is going to be replaced by e-cigarettes. So, the retailers engaged in this business sphere will definitely increase their revenues.

4. Goods for pets

The market of pet products is estimated at having a turnover of funds at about $76 billion. Nowadays, people love pets and spend a lot of money on them and their comfort. Thus, there is no wonder that such goods as pet beds, leashes, pet clothes, toys, bowls, and other accessories are in the rating of top dropshipping products 2022.

Pet lovers try to please their sweet cats and dogs by buying unique things. So, the market of goods for pets takes a great portion of annual turnover.

5. Care products

Beauty is a timeless concept. Women have paid a lot of attention to their appearance at all times. Nothing has changed today. Yet, they began to pay even more attention to all kinds of care procedures and accessories. Thus, care goods are one of the top-selling dropshipping products 2021. These include:

  • face massagers;
  • skincare goods (sprays, highlighters, eyeliners, creams, tonics, serum, etc.);
  • masks and eye patches.

Women want to shine and flourish. In an attempt to prolong youth and stay beautiful, they try different skincare products. The annual turnover of care goods reaches $150 billion. This is a profitable market segment for the best dropshipping top products suppliers.

6. Electronics

Market experts predict a rapid growth on the electronics market by 2025. Note that only head- and earphone sales will exceed $25 billion. Add such popular products as security cameras, photo cameras, robot vacuum cleaners, and other household appliances to this list, and you’ll get huge sums. That is why electronics takes a deserved place among the top-10 dropshipping products.

Electronic devices surround humans in everyday life. They are designed to simplify our lives and help us cope with routine tasks. Thus, new innovative solutions for house cleaning or spending leisure are welcome by modern humans. They are eager to buy all sorts of electronic goods.

7. Women bags and travel suitcases

If you browse Aliexpress top dropshipping products, you’ll easily find women bags and elegant evening clutches in the rating. Online stores offer limitless assortments of goods. Hundreds of models, prints, colors, and fabrics are found on websites. Thus, women can find the perfect match for any outfit.

Travel suitcases of any size, model, and design can be purchased. Quick delivery, a wide catalog of models, and the absence of hustle attract online consumers.

8. Jewelry and accessories

While some beauties are still chasing Swarovski crystals, most female shoppers prefer quality jewelry that enters the list of dropshipping top products. Online marketplaces offer an unlimited selection of products. Earrings with rhinestones or not, carved or classic bracelets and necklaces… The choice is so wide that you can get a beautiful set to match any garment.

Other accessories like sunglasses and gloves are also included in the cart of top products for dropshipping.

9. LED lamps

Eco-friendliness is another trend of the 21st century. People treat nature with care and try to preserve natural resources. Thus, eco-friendly solutions enter our lives. LED lamps consume less energy while producing more light, which determines their popularity and makes the best dropshipping top products. Moreover, consumers can save money on utility bills and pick a more suitable model (from cold/warm white up to 3D optical illusion solutions). Other advantages include ease of recycling and long service life. Better durability and lighting properties make them especially profitable for private households.

If you’re starting an eco-friendly business and want to become a dropshipping top products exporter, LED lamps will be the best solution for your sphere. The annual growth of eco-friendly goods is estimated at a rate of 13%.

10. Phone and tablet accessories

Nowadays, absolutely everyone has a smartphone. So, this is significant proof for listing this category as one of the top-10 dropshipping products 2021. This business will always be in demand since customers renew phone covers from time to time. Other popular wholesale dropshipping top products from this category include:

  • neck phone holders;
  • car phone holders;
  • table covers;
  • wireless charges.

The industry of portable devices and accessories for them is developing at a great pace

To summarize our rating note that far more goods are purchased online. These include little things like household appliances, accessories for everyday life, and products for home, work, and leisure. Generally, modern customers give preference to online shopping rather than buying goods offline. Online shopping turns out to be a more convenient, practical, and quick solution for busy people. Thus, modern entrepreneurs and enterprises have all chances to develop fruitful online businesses and compete for the title of the best dropshipping top products supplier.