Tips to Increase the Performance of Your Vaping Device

A gunky and dirty vaping device can impact your vaping experience. For optimal performance, it is essential to clean your vape. Undoubtedly, vape juice cannot stain your device, but residue may accumulate, and it will ultimately impact the performance of the vape. Remember, some dark ejuice flavors, and vegetable glycerin can gunk up coils.

You can easily identify gunked up coils with low vapor production and flavor. It will make the taste of your vape burnt. Sometimes, changing the coil head will not solve the problem because the specific flavor will linger in the device. Things can be complicated if you use cinnamon, menthol, coffee, tobacco or any other dominant flavor like licorice, grape or melon.

Sometimes, tanks and atomizers of new thanks may have a machine oil smell. For this reason, you have to be careful in determining where to buy vaporizer cigarette in Perth and other areas. If you are worried about lack of performance and bad taste, there is nothing to worry about. Here are some tips for cleaning your vape tank.

Take Out Coil

In the first step, you have to take the vape’s oil out. Keep it aside and focus on the tank. When disassembling your machine, pay attention to fittings because you have to fix it again. Feel free to make a video or take pictures. House every part in a small bowl to avoid losing anything. In this way, cleaning will be efficient.

Standard Rinse May Work Well

For a relatively clean tank, you can use warm water. Separate other parts from the tank and put them under running water. Make them dry with a paper towel before allowing them to air dry. If your tank is not clean, you can rinse it with warm water.

Fill a bowl or cup with water and put it in the microwave for two minutes. Put a disassembled tank in this water and leave for almost two hours until the liquid cool down. Finally, rinse it with tap water. Let it dry before assembling everything.

If you are not satisfied with the water rinse, you can use propylene glycol. Soak your tank in this solution for two hours. After soaking, put the tank on a napkin to let it dry. With this method, it will be easy for you to remove leftover flavor in the vaporizer. Some other suitable cleaning agents are ethanol, baking soda, vinegar and cheap vodka.

Replace Coils

Replaceable coil heads may have clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks. You may try to clean them, but it isn’t easy to revive them. The best option is to replace coils. Cleaning may not improve taste because it is impossible to obliterate residue.

If you are adamant about cleaning coil heads, you can soak them in vinegar, cheap vodka or ethanol for a few hours. Rinse it once under the tape, and then rinse with distilled water. Blow air on an open area of the coil to add water to wicking holes. Set this coil aside until water evaporates completely.