Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bollard

When selecting bollards for a particular situation, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the perfect bollard for the job. There are many different bollards with a wide variety of uses. In order to get the best value for money, establish your budget early and do your research in order to get the best bollard price.

The perfect bollard for your situation will depend upon what the bollards are to be used for. Bollards are generally needed for strength, safety, traffic management, security and/ decorative purposes. Within this range of uses, there is a variety of bollard types.

Bollards fall into the following categories: Removable and surface fixed bollards and in-ground bollards, including telescopic and automatic bollards. Your budget and the bollard price will help determine which bollard is the best for your situation.

For industrial uses, or areas when strength and protection is the main function, and aesthetics is not important, basic bollard styles will work, and probably be the most economical. However, in a public place or a domestic situation where looks are important, the style and finish of the bollards must be taken into account as well as function.

If flexibility and secure access are required, then in-ground telescopic or automatic bollards may be required.

Assess your situation, and what will be the main function of the bollards. Once you have established the function, then you can research which bollard types offer the best value for money and use.

Whatever the situation, the function, location and terrain determine what type of bollard will be best. Above ground bollards which can be bolted down are simple to install, and require little or no groundwork preparation so costs are kept down. There is flexibility with above ground bollards as they are easily removed, can fold-down or fixed simply which keeps the bollard price down.

In-ground bollards are more expensive as they require ground preparation, and possible wiring for use. However if the situation and your budget allows, in-ground bollards provide a more sophisticated and flexible option. In-ground bollards include variations such as retraction, lighting, remote operation which can be keyed alike, and electronic control for pedestrian and traffic management. Where strength is paramount, fixed in-ground bollards are the strongest option.

With all bollards, maintenance is important. Without regular maintenance checks bollards can become rusty or degraded. With in-ground bollards, the below ground conditions can deteriorate which render the bollards ineffectual for their function, which is a potential safety hazard. So, when choosing the perfect bollard price, factor in what regular maintenance checks will cost.

Good quality bollard suppliers are happy to provide warranties for their products and guarantees for workmanship and installation. Bollards supplied by reputable suppliers offer up to 15 years guarantee for their products.

Although some surface fixed bollards are easily installed yourself, it is generally best to have bollards installed professionally as ground preparation and terrain often requires specialist equipment and heavy machinery. Most bollard installation contractors are well prepared and experienced with most situations which minimizes potential problems.

If you are planning to install the bollards yourself, it is advisable to discuss various installation options with the bollard supplier, this may save potential expensive mistakes and future maintenance issues.

When selecting the perfect bollard for your site, don’t forget the importance of aesthetics. Workmanship and aesthetics make a huge difference to the overall finish of the job. The style, manufacture and finish of bollards will naturally reflect in the bollard price. Quality workmanship will provide a better finish and structural integrity to the bollards, no matter what the individual bollard design is like.

The aesthetic characteristics establish how the bollards will look in the environment. For example, bollards to manage traffic flow through parkland, may require simplicity of design, possibly with lighting for visibility, to blend in with the surroundings without detracting from the scenery. Bollards surrounding a new architectural building will require an aesthetic which matches the architecture, as will bollards to surround an historical site. Factory bollards don’t have the same requirement for detail, however considerations of safety is high, such as suitable height and colour for visibility.

There are a number of elements to consider before selecting the perfect bollard for your situation, however, if these are factored in before you order, then you are well placed to get the best bollard and price for the job.