Tips for taking one of the best baths of your life

The fast-paced of our everyday life and oversaturation agendas have reduced our “me time” and relaxation opportunities. A quick shower in the morning before going out and maybe, and another one in the afternoon either after the gym or to relax the muscles after a long day at the office, if you are lucky.

The effect that hot water has on the body is almost magical, but this experience can be even better. How? By soaking in a tub! A hot bath has become a luxury because not everyone has one at home; nowadays, bathtubs have become a luxury accessory that also requires a spacious bathroom for its installation. 

From the ultra-modernist, spacious, comfortable, elegant, and ultra-technological, there are many styles to those more vintage pieces, traditionally white, smooth, metal, and chubby decorated legs that could well have come out of a classic French movie.

If you are one of those lucky ones who have a bathtub at home, start by using a waxing bathtub to make sure you remove all the soapy residues, dust, or any other dirt it might have since the last time you used it, some may think this is unnecessary, but the truth is that part of the magic of the moment when you dive into the bathtub is the sensation that the contact of your skin with the surface leaves, By cleaning it before submerging you make sure that there are no pebbles, particles, smells or sensations that could hurt you or spoil the moment, besides, you will eliminate any minor scratches you might have and it will be much easier to clean it after using it.  One option to consider is soy wax melts as well.

Now that you have the tub ready to receive you, the next step is to create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and restful bath. 

Want to grab a snack while you’re getting pampered? Think of something light and simple but full of flavor. A charcuterie board can be ideal. The purpose is that you feel comfortable and have all your cravings at your fingertips, so put your tray on a piece of furniture, table, or bench. And have your snacks within arm’s reach. 

Hey, don’t forget the chocolates; who doesn’t like to enjoy an assortment of lovely chocolates in those moments of self-care. Tickle your sweet tooth, and indulge. 

A drink? Sure! Pour yourself your favorite beverage. How about a craft beer with characteristic hops that makes your palate explode, or a glass of soft and sweet rosé wine -or red. Maybe even a white if you prefer- or if you prefer, good whiskey or cognac, their colors and smells are excellent and will help a lot to relax you. 

Lighting, if the intention is to relax or spend a special moment with your partner, lighting is essential to create that mystical and intimate atmosphere. Dimming your bathroom lights or turning them off altogether, light up a few candles that give you that soft light you are looking for. A plus is if these are scented, fragrances like lavender, roses, mint, or sandalwood will help your mind take a break. 

Remember to be careful of the place where you will place them so that there are no objects that can burst into flames and cause a big problem in case they fall.

Music is a must! No matter the occasion, music always is, has been, and will be essential to set the mood of a space, and now that you are going to jump into the bathtub to pamper yourself, you want your favorite tunes playing. This will undoubtedly help transport you into a dreamlike world.

Apply a hair mask on your mane and roll your hair with a towel and another cleansing mask on your skin, plus a body scrub with a light-draining massage pressing on arms, thighs, legs, and feet without rushing to activate circulation and soothe tensions. The scrub helps to eliminate dead skin cells and toxins.

Face masks and other homemade products are a great way to care for your skin while you are enjoying a bath. You can mix yogurt, avocado, and honey to make a homemade mask and increase your skin’s hydration if you want to make one with ingredients you have in your fridge or put a few slices of cucumber to decongest your eyelids and look more rested.

When it’s time to soak, you can make a mixture of Epsom or magnesium salts, baking soda, or infusions of chamomile and rosemary. Once your bathtub is complete, you can remove the mask with water and a cleansing gel and submerge yourself, letting the water do its relaxing function and close your eyes without haste.

Don’t forget, when you’re done taking care of your bathtub, cleaning it is not enough. Use a waxing bathtub; the best ones are strong enough to bring back the shine to your bathtub and make it a unique element in your bathroom decoration.