Tips for selling items and making a profit on social media platforms

When it comes to selling anything on social media platforms, the display picture is everything. The display picture makes the customers go “wow,” and that makes you sell your products. Keep in mind that the competition is cut-throat on social media, and this is why having a great display picture is half the work done.

However, photography is a specialist job, and you will need training or work with a professional photographer to display promotional pictures and images of products on your platform. In addition, there are several other factors you need to consider as far as how to make money on Etsy is concerned.

Price of the items

Vintage, handmade, and novel items might cost more due to the quality of the build and effort, but it is vital to consider that you might overprice yourself out of the market. Take pride in your work and be passionate about your venture but do not offer an exorbitant price. But take care not to underprice your items as well. If you sell yourself too short, you will end up hurting your venture and other service providers offering products at a rational price point.

Take care of copyright protection

As stated in the previous section, there is a lot of demand for popular items, trendy gifts, figures, and other fixtures from popular culture. However, keep in mind that the popular things like Disney characters or your favorite superheroes are all copyright protected. It is sad but true; so, if you are looking to create likenesses of popular characters, you will need to purchase the rights. Additionally, the fundamental trick is to design products and items that are unique without fan service.

SEO is vital

If you are unaware of SEO, then it is high time you start researching it and understanding how it all figures out in the bigger scheme of things. The core of SEO is using keywords, title tags, descriptions, and meta-tags that will boost the presence and ranking of your page at the SERPs. Keep in mind if you are selling a baby blanket, simply stating the name will ensure that the item gets lost among the thousands of others on the internet. So, it would help if you used various keywords, title tag variations to make the most of the opportunities on social media.

Do not open empty shops

Customers will visit your store to see what you have on offer. If people visit your store and find only a couple of items, then the traffic numbers will go down quickly. Moreover, if your inventory collection is shallow, it doesn’t bode well to showcasing your talents and skills are concerned.

Consistency is the key

Beginner’s luck or sheer talent and skill can lead to a few sales within the first few days. However, if you are delighted beyond measure, you might lose the inspiration to make new materials and items to better your business. That is why it is vital to keep designing newer items every month. The more items listed on your Etsy platform, the greater will be the traffic numbers, which means more popularity for your handle.

Patience, patience, and some more

If you are starting your business venture, you need to understand that sales do not happen overnight. Several talented sellers on Etsy do not make more than 100 dollars every year. So do not get discouraged if you do not see products flying off your online store within the first few months. You need to research SEO tricks and arrange all the details to start seeing business growth. Be patient and do not lose hope. Talk to other content creators and store owners to gather all the information about making sales on social media platforms.

Staying on top of the orders

Once you start making sales and gathering popularity, you will see an influx of orders. Often this will lead to a waiting period since independent service providers often struggle to keep on top of the orders. If you are consistently late in updating your inventory, or your transaction to delivery process takes more time than the average, Etsy will lower your shop rankings. A low shop ranking will make your store almost invisible to Etsy and internet users. Try sending off the order on the day of the purchase or by the next day. Always gather insights and feedback about your service to understand the issues, if any.

Discounts are a great idea

Why should any entrepreneur provide a discount? It is counterintuitive to bring down the price point to make your concern popular. Wrong! Discounts show your customers that you care. And keep in mind that discounts aren’t permanent. Keep in mind to provide one-time discounts for first-time users of the site. You can also set up a discount code or points system that will ensure that customers keep coming back to your store. You can also provide a one-time discount for items left in the cart by a user. All this will boost your popularity metrics.

Shop promotion

Every business venture, shop, and concern needs promotion. Promotion and ad campaigns lead to an increase in popularity. If you leave your items on the shelf and hope for the best, rest assured it will never get you the desired sales numbers. Instead, invest in a bit of self-promotion without being too populist or arrogant. Promote your shop on social media handles, use a Facebook community page to spread the word, and insert hyperlinks to direct customers to your online domain.

You can also send out business cards and brochures along with your orders. Fill up the cards and brochures with all the information about yourself and your concern. Use a few photos, including a short blurb stating product manufacturing details, the inspiration or story behind, the return policies, and unique features, if any. With the increased popularity of social media platforms, anyone can become an entrepreneur. So, start gathering all the information and build your best career.