Tips for selecting the right saddle earrings

Both men and women with stretched ears are looking for suitable earrings for their ear which are both comfortable to wear and affordable. While there are many designs of earrings available, increasingly people are preferring to purchase saddle hanger earrings since they are well designed and reasonably priced. There are a large number of saddle hangers which are available in different materials, colors, finishes and designs. Some information on the different kinds of hangers available, which will help first buyer hanger buyers choose the right earring are provided below.


One of the main considerations while selecting saddle hangers is choosing the right size since the dimensions of the stretched ears will differ. The hangers are usually available in a large number starting from 8 mm for those that have smaller holes in their ear. To ensure that everyone can find the right size, there are hangers available in increments of two mm, with the maximum size of 40 mm for those with larger stretched ears. Buyers should be aware that the smaller size hangers will be lighter in weight and cheaper, while the larger hangers are more expensive.


Another factor which should be considered while selecting a saddle hanger is the fit of the earring. For measuring the size, the user should refer to the dimension chart which is usually provided. Some hanger buyers prefer a tight fit, so they should choose the hanger of the right size or a size which is slightly smaller. Users who like hangers with a loose fit, should purchase hangers which are four or three sizes smaller. These hangers will create the illusion that they are swinging when the person is moving, like conventional earring. The inner dimensions of the hanger should be considered for proper fitting, the flare size does not matter for ensuring a proper fit. Users should measure the dimensions properly before ordering their saddle hanger earrings, since the seller will usually not give refunds or exchange the earrings if the wrong size is ordered.

Material and finish

The hangers are available in different materials like brass, stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold and plastic.Buyers are aware that the size of their stretched ears may change, so they do not want to invest more in the hangers. Brass which is an alloy of copper is widely used since the earrings are affordable. It is also a versatile material, available in different colors. While the gold finish is the most popular, white brass is also available for those who prefer it. Each of the saddle hangers is hand made which makes each hanger unique. However, this may also result in a slight variation in the dimensions of the hanger.


The alternative jewelry store has saddle hangers in different designs to suit the budget and style of the wearer. The crescent moon earrings are one of the simplest styles and also the cheapest. Other popular patterns are hexagon, griffin, croissant, ridged, viper, volta. The cost of each pair of saddle hangers depends on the complexity of the design, weight and also the size which is selected.