Tips For Choosing A Double Mattress

The criterion for choosing a double mattress is not only its size. The main nuance is that two people with different physical parameters, such as height, weight, body proportions, can comfortably sleep on it at the same time. And the task of the mattress is to provide healthy sleep for two different people at the same time.

In order for a double mattress to be suitable for your particular couple, it must perform three essential functions for you flawlessly:

  • First, it must evenly support the spine. Only in this case will the muscles completely relax and the body will assume a physiologically correct position. This is called an orthopedic effect. The more even the support of the spine, the higher the level of orthopedic effect.
  • Secondly, the mattress should support the body so that soft tissues and blood vessels are not pinched during sleep. Otherwise, you will have to toss and turn all night to loosen numb body parts. This is called the anatomical effect.
  • Thirdly, the mattress must be environmentally friendly, well ventilated in order to maintain its freshness throughout its life. Otherwise, you can get a huge number of allergic reactions, and the mattress can turn into a breeding ground for saprophytes.

Spring or springless double mattresses?

In a double mattress, the base is responsible for the orthopedic effect. The base of the mattress is a support system. It is as important to the mattress as the skeleton is to humans because it has the function of supporting your body while you sleep. According to the type of base, mattresses are divided into two categories: springless and spring-loaded.

For a double mattress, this is not the best base, because the material is homogeneous, and its particles are interconnected. As a result, deformation of one region leads to deformation of neighboring regions. In other words, a heavier partner, lying on such a mattress, deforms not only his sleeping area, but also the neighboring one. Therefore, a lighter person will sleep on a distorted surface and, as it were, roll down to a partner with a greater weight. As a result, there is no need to talk about any comfort here. The sleep shop reviewed it. That’s why they recommend these mattresses to people of the same weight. If you fall under this category then haven mattress is the one you should try.

There are two types of bases in double spring mattresses: dependent springs and independent springs. In dependent spring blocks, all springs are rigidly interconnected, therefore, the same effect appears in them as in springless ones. Deformation of one spring entails deformation of adjacent springs. The orthopedic effect is very low. As a rule, these mattresses are bought in inexpensive hotels.

Finally, we come to a base that meets the requirements of a modern double orthopedic mattress – a block of independent springs. In this base, each spring is in a separate case and is not connected to adjacent springs. As a result, under load, each spring deforms apart from the other springs. In practice, the system of independent springs, as it were, adjusts to the relief of your body and does not distort your partner’s area.

Hard or soft double mattress?

In a double mattress, the degree of firmness is responsible for the anatomy. The higher the firmness, the less anatomical the mattress is. They say too soft, too hard, average. What mattress should you choose?

If the mattress is too hard, the body pressure is not able to push the mattress. As a result, the shoulder and pelvis rest against the mattress, the lower back is without the necessary support, and the spine bends. Naturally, the muscles are extremely tense during such sleep. This is useful only in certain situations, such as spinal fractures, when a very hard mattress is required for therapeutic purposes, but not for everyday sleep.

A mattress that is too soft like a haven mattress then it can create a hammock effect. a person “falls through” in the pelvic area, hence the curvature of the spine, muscles do not rest, the head is in the wrong position, which disrupts the blood supply to the brain and, as a consequence, a possible headache in the morning.

The degree of rigidity is regulated not only by the number of springs in the spring block, but also by the materials that are laid in layers on the spring block.