Tips and tricks for writing essay exams

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay writing on its own poses a challenge to many people especially students in schools and colleges, talk less of when an essay is given in exams conditions which requires you to understand the topic. Draft out your ideas and write an essay on it within a specific period of time. But if you want a professionally-crafted essay in no time, order essay on PaperWriter

Getting an essay writing help from would be one of the perfect wishes of any student, but this is only possible when they are given an assignment. It could be a research paper, term paper, dissertation, etc. In an exams scenario this is not available and it therefore means that you need to write your essays by yourself.

They are tips and tricks as we would fondly say, that can give you an edge to getting that (A) you desire in your essay writing. From time management to how you well structure your essay, understanding the topic and writing legibly. This article focuses on the main tips you need to know to be successful in that essay exams you intend taking, here are the tips listed below:

Understand and answer the question

This is the first step that must be taken towards being successful in essay exams. Read through the question and grab an understanding of what is expected of you concerning the essay question. If possible from the question, generate and underline the keywords and phrases that will serve as a guide in your answer. Also examiners expect you to incorporate those keywords and phrases into your essay as there are the point markers they expect from you. Your duty is to ensure that those elements make up your essay.

    Still on understanding, it tells you the type of essay required from you, so you have to know the type of essay that is required from you. Is it an argumentative essay, Narrative essay, descriptive essay? These are some of the things you would expect and give answers to them as you expect and give answers to them as your first step towards a successful essay exam. Essay writing help services offered by different sites can help you explain with examples the different types of essays we have.

Draft out your plan

After a good understanding of the question, the next thing to do is to draft out your essay plan. A plan involves taking into consideration the time limit you have and how you will manage the word limit required from the examiner and the main information that needs to be explained in the cause of the essay. An outline too comprises your plan because a good outline divides your essay into different parts including the introduction, body and the conclusion of the essay.

A bombshell introduction 

Introduction is very important as far as essays are concerned. The introduction gives clear, short and precise information about your topic. It should captivate and interest your readers, drawing their full attention into the topic. This is one of the important parts that examiners take note of to tell them whether you know what you are doing or not. Introduction should not carry too much detail in them; there should just be a tip of the iceberg. Tell them what they want to hear but do not give explanations. Short sentences are better for thought and purpose than complex sentences.

Structure your essay

As a student or anyone about taking an essay exam, knowledge of essay structure should be the basic thing at one’s fingertips. An essay structure comprises introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is where you state your thesis statement. Then the body of the essay comprises supporting materials as well as appropriate details in relation to your essay topic.

Remember that the body is divided into different paragraphs with each paragraph carrying a main idea. There should be a free flow and transition from one paragraph to the other. Avoid missing out the point or mixing ideas if you feel so then go back and reread the question and your introduction.

Conclusion of your essay, gives you the final opportunity to make a convincing statement of your ideas by briefly summarizing the main points and showing how the question or problem has been answered. Take note that every essay conclusion is as important as your introduction and your examiners are very much interested in reading your final thoughts. 

Write as legibly as possible avoiding errors

Legible writing, neat work and an error free essay is what would merry the heart of your examiner. A bad handwriting might offer a wrong impression to the examiner. It is therefore your duty to ensure that you present your essay with a fine, legible handwriting. Your work must be neat and free from grammatical errors. Punctuation should be done correctly. If there is still time left for you after writing, then it serves as an opportunity for you to proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling errors.