Three Tips To Find The Right Bra Size For Yourself

The bra is one of the most important pieces of garments that you wear every day and that is the reason why it is extremely crucial to get the right bra. For most people, this part of the shopping can either turn out to be an amazing experience or a total disappointment. It is sad to see women staying extremely uncomfortable throughout their day, struggling with their daily life activities, and at the same time bearing the uncomfy bras that dig their skin, and cause back pains. The main reason why women stay uncomfortable throughout the day in their bras is that most of them don’t even know what bra size is right for them. If you don’t even know what bra size is right for you, trust me, you would never be able to find one that is comfortable for you. If only you know what size actually fits you, trust me, you will be shocked to experience how a right size bra actually feels! You can buy bamboo bras online at the most affordable rates.

Below are some tips to follow to find the right bra for you.

Main Support Comes From Band

Although the cups hold your breasts in place, the main and actual support comes from the band. So although it may seem like your straps are there to hold your bust, they are actually there to aid your cup to adjust with your body shape and breast size. However, if your cup and the band, both fit perfectly, then you can even take off your straps and are good to go without them. Trust me, if your cup and the band fit perfectly, your bra won’t slip and will stay in place.

The Equation to Figure Out The Right Band and Cup Size

What most women don’t know is, that their bra size is actually a ratio between their measurement of the cup and the band size. It is actually a very good idea to go to a bra boutique and let a professional measure your bra size, and trust me, most of you will be shocked to know that you had been wearing the wrong sized bra your whole life! If you can’t go to a boutique, don’t worry, you can also measure your bra size at home as well. There are different videos available on Youtube that instruct you on the procedure of measuring the right bra size.

Round-Up, If Your Breast Has Two Varying Sizes

Don’t worry if you have one breast that is a different size than the other, because it is normal to have one breast bigger than the other. If this difference is huge, then bra shopping becomes even more challenging. It is advised to get a bra that fits in the larger breast. This is mainly because it is easier to put a pad in the smaller breast area to make the bra fit it.

So what are you waiting for? Get the right sized bra for yourself, and make your life easier and more comfortable!