This new service enables you to pay online with cash

It sounds out of this world, we know. But there really is a service called CashtoCode that lets you pay online using cash. People have wanted this service for years, and it makes perfect sense why. You pay with cash all the time, why not do it online? We do all of our shopping online anyway, right?

Now, you finally can, using CashtoCode. The process is straightforward and adds up to 3 small steps. Find a product you want, select CashtoCode and pay in cash. Let’s talk a bit more about these steps.

Step #1 – Find the product to buy

Obviously, before paying cash, we need to figure out what it is we are paying for. You need to find a website that allows CashtoCode payments. There are a lot of those. You can choose between physical products or online services. Let’s assume you are after CashtoCode casinos; all you have to do is write it in a search engine. You will receive all the best results. Alternatively, if you want to buy CashtoCode clothes, you can write that in the search engine. Next, enter the website and select a product to buy.

Step #2 – Select CashtoCode as payment method

After selecting products, move forward to the Cashier area. Select CashtoCode and the website will take you to the next step, where you will receive a QR Code. Keep this code as you will need it later. Then, the website will take you again to the next step, where you can find the closest retailers near you, to pay.

Step #3 – Paying with cash

When you arrive at the nearest retailer to pay, present the QR code you received in the last step to the cashier person. He will charge you for your money and hand you a receipt. You should keep the approval of payment at all times. We don’t know when some error might occur.
If anything has gone as planned, the funds are already at your balance waiting for you to use. Simple as that.

Why should you use CashtoCode?

As we all know, the online environment can be dangerous. When we submit our credit information online, we never know what could happen next. It’s always a risk. With CashtoCode, you can do whatever you want online. No one can ever get your credit information. CashtoCode is entirely anonymous and safe. Good luck!