Things You Need to Know About NBN Batteries Backup

As you know, the internet has become the basic need of everyone and no one can live without it in this day and age. A little breakdown of power supply can create a huge mess for you if your business is based on the internet.

NBN backup batteries provide extra power when you face power breakdown, particularly for FTTP, the most-used internet in Australia. If your router has a battery backup, you can use internet and landline phone service during a power outage. So, you should better keep on the NBN plan to avoid any interruption. Here in the blog, we will discuss the things you should know about NBN batteries. Let’s start with a better understanding.

Supply Capacity of NBN

Everyone is eager to know the exact capacity of the power supply of NBN batteries. NBN batteries in Australia are commonly used. So, NBN batteries can last up to 6 hours during a power outage. This is a good enough time for everyone. So, the NBN batteries automatically turn off, when they hit 40 percent remaining battery life. After that, you can use it further to press the emergency reserve button. In this way, you can use it for a longer time even after an emergency for 1 hour extra.

You can find 4 options on the device. There is an option of battery replacement if you observe the replacement option start beeping, which means it is time to change the battery. So, keep an eye on all the options of the device.

How You Can Make Batteries More Long-Lasting

Many people think about using their batteries for a longer time. If you want to save your batteries, you should keep them in a cooler environment. If you keep NBN batteries at a warm temperature, they can be out of order before the completion of their lifetimes.

Besides that, you should keep an eye on the alarm panel of the device. If you take care of battery indicators, you can know upcoming technical problems. on the other hand, you should follow the battery manual to keep it in optimum condition. If you couldn’t understand anything about the battery, you should ask the battery providers.

How You Can Replace NBN Battery

If you want to replace your NBN battery, you better take the help of professionals because they have deep knowledge and wide experience in battery replacement. You can avoid any problem of replacement in this way.

But if you want to replace the battery on your own, you must follow the proper given below steps:

  • First of all, you need to disconnect the power supply with the battery backup, it is important to avoid any damage or personal injury
  • Open the cover of the power supply with battery backup. As you know, a cover is installed to protect the power supply
  • Then, you have to disconnect the red positive
  • Then carefully push them out
  • Lift out the battery and disconnect the black negative
  • Now, the battery is removed and ready for replacement

To sum up, if you want your NBN batteries in optimum condition, you better follow the above-mentioned steps to avoid any problems. Remember, NBN batteries have fatal waste, so you have to dispose of them carefully.