Things To Do in Chicago When It’s Your First Time There

Some of the best things to do in Chicago include going to the museums or the zoo, exploring the city in various ways, grabbing bad bunny tickets Chicago, and enjoying an excellent live performance, scuba diving in Lake Michigan, and skiing in the surrounding area. It’s time to start the adventure!

Take amazing photos at Buckingham Fountain

It is widely agreed upon that the Buckingham Fountain, which was named for the Buckingham family, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful fountains in the country. We are not going to be the ones to argue against it.

The views of the Chicago cityscape from this vantage point are what make the fountain one of the most intriguing aspects of the attraction. In addition, there are supposed to be light and sound displays accompanied by massive sprays of water that reach 40 meters, which take place every hour from 9 to 22.

On boat through Michigan

A boat excursion on Lake Michigan is another highly suggested approach for getting to know Chicago.

Travelers may see the city from a different perspective, just as stunning, by taking a boat excursion on Lake Michigan. The image of the skyscrapers as seen from a distance is one that you are not likely to forget.

Visit the Navy Pier

It attracts nine million people every year, making it Chicago’s most popular tourist destination.

There is not a lot to see or do here; however, the rebuilt Ferris wheel is definitely worth checking out!

There are several restaurants in this area, including Giordano’s, a Mexican restaurant, Bubba Gump, and tourist boats that depart from here to take visitors on tours of the lake.

The neighborhood of Streeter, which houses the port, was given its name after the disputed fictional figure who also goes by that name.

The truth of the matter is that he successfully got a neighborhood named after him!

Enjoy the Art Institute

Even if you’re not particularly interested in art, you should still visit the Art Institute of Chicago since it’s so amazing.

It is widely regarded as one of the finest art museums in the entire world. Impressionism and post-Impressionism are particularly well represented among its highly significant collections of other art movements.

You can appreciate the works of geniuses from other time periods, such as Rembrandt or El Greco, and pieces by Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Cézanne.

Enjoy a loving moment at Wilis Tower

If you go with your significant other and want to experience a loving time together, you will first need to ensure that you are well prepared because going into the “void” is challenging.

Even though you’ll be standing on a glass platform, it’s still going to be really amazing! You can climb up to one of these platforms at the observation deck of the Willis Tower, where there are numerous of them and have the city of Chicago at your feet.

Have a perfect view from the Hancock building

It is a magnificent structure that stands 305 meters in height and is colored black. Even though it is not relatively as high as the one before it, the vistas are certainly not something to be jealous of!

It tries to compete with the glass floor of its competitor by offering something called the Tilt, which is a platform that tilts to an angle of up to 30 degrees and leaves you feeling as though you are suspended over the city.

Explore the Field Museum

This museum is widely considered to be among the most important institutions of its kind anywhere in the world. It appears to have such an extensive collection that just 4% of all the pieces are displayed at any given time.

Even though Sue is without a doubt the most giant, most complete, and best-preserved T-Rex skeleton in the world, its right eye is still a mystery (beware, the head that accompanies the rest of the body is a replica for reasons of weight the original is exhibited separately).

In addition to that, the fossil collection is quite remarkable (in fact, you can see the team of paleontologists working through some glass, and yes, they are real).

Exhibits that take visitors on a voyage through the history of the world, encompassing a variety of time periods and cultural traditions, can be found in the remaining rooms of this enormous museum.

Taste the typical pizza of Chicago

You might not be aware of this, but one of Chicago’s top attractions and activities is eating. Particularly pizza made in the Chicago style, which is considered the city’s hallmark dish. This peculiar pizza has the appearance of a meat pie, but despite its odd appearance, it tastes great!

You can do all these activities, then taste the Chicago pizza and go directly to a live concert where you can dance out all those calories!