Things to avoid when playing online UK Slots

Slots, eh? What an amazing gambling invention, especially considering their incredible popularity in today’s world juxtaposed with their fairly recent invention. It was a man called Charles D. Fey who was responsible for bringing slot machines to the world, with his Liberty Bell machine forming the foundations of the modern slots industry. Oh how things have changed since then, however, as slots have got incredibly complex, mainly due to their emergence in the online casino world.

Online UK slots are some of the best gambling games in the whole entire world, and it is therefore no surprise that there are millions of people spinning the reels every single year. But here’s the thing: whilst online UK slots are always great fun and can also be quite lucrative, you really do have to know about some of the things to avoid when playing online UK slots, or you stand to lose quite a lot of money indeed. Read on for some things to avoid when playing online at SlotsUK.

UK Slots with poor RTPs

The first thing to make sure you are avoiding as much as possible are UK slots with poor RTP ratings, as these just don’t represent a very good chance of winning any money. You see, RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is basically a percentage value that tells you what the average amount you can expect to win back from your wager over a slots session would be.

It is therefore an incredibly useful statistic to refer to when choosing an online UK slot to play, as it can be a very accurate representation of UK slot odds. The average RTP across the market tends to be around 96%, so it is a good idea to look for slots that have RTP ratings that are larger than this.

UK slots without any bonus features

In the modern online slot world it is standard to have bonus rounds and features, so we would recommend avoiding online UK slots that don’t have any, unless it is for a particular reason, as is the case with vintage style slots, for example. UK slots without any bonus features will generally make it a lot harder for people to win large amounts of cash, so you can see why we are recommending leaving them.

Moreover, modern online UK slot bonus features can be incredible amounts of fun, especially with games such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming, where there are four unique bonus rounds that play out like little mini-games.

Avoid playing UK slots without a set budget

We really cannot be clearer here; you absolutely must avoid playing UK slots without setting a budget first, as not doing so can have a seriously detrimental affect on your bankroll. It isn’t particularly hard to set a budget before you begin slot gambling either, all you have to do is be sensible and decide on a maximum amount you would like to spend over a certain period of time.