The washing machine does not fill with water: causes and solutions for common problems

Getting ready to do laundry, suddenly you find that your favourite washing machine does not draw water and hums. You turn on the selected mode, but the drum simply does not rotate? The reasons can be different: from clogging the line to the breakage of a node or part. All modern washing machines are equipped with a display, which in case of malfunction, shows an error code, thus informing you that the washing machine does not draw water.

If you do not want to wash by hand, contact Samsung washing machine repair in Calgary. Perhaps there was a breakdown, an electronics failure, or the user’s inattention is to blame.

Incorrect connection of the washing machine

Quite often, the reason why the washing machine takes up little or no water at all is trivial negligence in connecting the washing machine. Suppose you connected the washing machine directly to the central sewer without installing a siphon or placed the hose no higher than half a meter from the floor. In that case, the water can drain itself, which, in fact, leads to the fact that the washing machine hums and does not get enough water.

Closed water supply tap or low pressure in the water supply

The machine may not draw water due to its absence or low pressure in the central water supply, or the water supply tap is simply turned off. Before you start troubleshooting, check the presence of water in the apartment and pay attention to the water supply valve. It must be open.

Broken or not closed laundry door lock

When you close the door, you should hear a click, and the padlock indicator on the display should light up. This will indicate that the door is locked. If the hinged door lock device is not closed or defective, the machine will not turn on to avoid accidents so as not to injure the user.

If the washer does not lock the door, then the hatch locking device has failed and must be replaced.

Fault in the control module

The electronic control module can cause the washing machine to hum and not draw water or not turn on at all. The control module controls all parts of the washing machine. In the event of a malfunction, the module does not issue a command to draw water into the drum for washing or rinsing.

Other malfunctions and their solutions

If the washing machine still does not draw or does not draw water completely, there may be other reasons for this:

  1. Clogged filter. It is a fine mesh and is installed in front of the water inlet valve. The filter protects the washing machine from solid particles and debris. When the filter becomes clogged, some or all of the water stops flowing into the machine. When a clog is detected, the filter is carefully removed with pliers, thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with running water. If the filter is not clogged, you need to look for other causes.
  2. The water inlet valve has failed. This valve is responsible for delivering water into the drum after receiving the appropriate signal from the control unit. If the valve is broken, the dispenser will not be able to pump water a priori. A sign of a faulty valve is the fact that the washing machine blocks the loading doors, but water is not pumped.
  3. The water level sensor (pressure switch) is broken. It is necessary to control the amount of water supplied for a certain washing mode. If the sensor is broken, the washing machine does not fill because it cannot “count” the amount of liquid.

Alas, with the naked eye, not every user will be able to find the cause and fix the breakdown. In this case, it is necessary to call Samsung washing machine repair service in Calgary, which will quickly diagnose and determine the reason why the washing machine does not get water.