The Use Of Plastic Pallets In Exports: Everything You Need To Know

Several shipping and logistics companies are exporting products internationally in plastic pallets. There are many benefits of using plastic pallets over wooden or steel pallets. For example, plastic pallets are nestable, unlike wooden or steel pallets.

The plastic pallets that are used for exporting stack up nicely when they are not in use. This does not only save space but also keeps damage away during the pre and post shipping process.

All plastic pallets have different structure

However, not all plastic pallets can stack up together nicely when not in use. This is why you should always refer to the company name before buying plastic pallets for your shipping process. It is best to do your diligence and conduct extensive research on the manufacturers who produce the stacked-up structure of the pallet.

Shipping companies now prefer plastic pallets because they are more stackable than ever. The plastic pallets for shipping have sturdy supports on the bottom. The sturdy yet non-damaging structure allows the shipping companies to stack them up.

Plastic export pallets have a reduced chance of sustaining damage or the possibility of falling over because the bottom is quite stable. Wooden pallets had little to no stability, which posed a threat to the pallets, the products, and the personnel handling them.

The new pallets in town- stackable plastic pallets for shipment and exports

Rackable or stackable plastic pallets are used when shipping companies have to export products over a long distance via, land, water, or air. Most manufacturers design stackable plastic pallets in such a way that they are capable of withholding a lot of weight of the products, even with open racks.

The open rack plastic pallets have one bar at the back and one at the front with nothing in the center to store products. Rackable plastic pallets are suitable and approved to be used with edge racks. This way, the pallet would be supported by multiple stable edges.

Even though all types of premium-quality plastic pallets can be used for exporting products, most shipping companies select cheap-quality pallets for holding the export goods. But it is wiser to consider the cost of the exported goods rather than the cost of pallets.

For example, if you are taking a shipment worth $10,000 on $15 plastic pallets, it will be considered downright foolish. The cheap-quality plastic pallets might pose a threat to the expensive goods you are shipping.

That being said, plastic pallets are quite sustainable and built for long usage. While wooden pallets require heat treatment before the shipping process, plastic pallets don’t need it.

Moreover, wooden pallets must be stamped before the shipment companies could export the goods on them. The paperwork filling is quite time-consuming and tedious. But plastic pallets comply with all international regulations relating to the export process.

When you evaluate the time and calculate the expenditures of both, plastic pallets and wooden pallets, you would be surprised to know that plastic pallets cost you less, are sustainable, longer-lasting, reliable, and won’t break your arm & leg.

Custom plastic pallets for shipment

There are many sizes and sizes available when it comes to custom plastic pallets for exports. However, some sizes are more common than others. If you find yourself with an international shipment demanding a specific shape or size, custom plastic pallets will come in handy.

Custom plastic pallets are not made from the mold. Instead, they are designed and created in accordance with your custom specifications and exact measurements.

For example, some shipment companies order heavy-duty or light plastic pallets which last longer than ordinary plastic pallets.

Reasons why you should use plastic pallets in exports

The import of goods and exports have always been essential to economical growth. A substantial number of shipping companies have switched to plastic pallets due to numerous reasons. If you are one of the entrepreneurs still using wooden pallets, here are some reasons why you should switch to plastic pallets:

Compliant with ISPM-15 regulations

The International plant protection convention has imposed ISMP-15 regulations on wooden pallets. They are imposed to prevent the widespread pest infection from one nation to another nation. If the corporation gets to know about a shipment with wooden pallets, they’d come for inspection, which might cause unnecessary delays

On the contrary, plastic pallets are compliant with ISPM-15 regulations and don’t require inspections. Not only are they cost-effective but free from the time-consuming inspection process.

Ship different export goods

Custom plastic pallets have brownie points because you can ship a variety of goods, regardless of the size or shape.

Compliant with safety regulations

Wooden pallets can break due to heavy loads and injure the personnel badly. The painful splinters are uncommon while using plastic pallets.


If you running a successful export business and want to cut down the cost of the shipment process, order custom plastic pallets now and increase your profit margins.

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