The Ultimate Guide: How To Get Extra Cash As A Student

If as a student you’re worried about money, or currently trying to find ideas of what to do to make money, do not worry. You are not alone! Doing side hustle in your free time could be something that you can do to get the money that you need.

Through this article, we want to help with your financial worries. Keep on reading to get inspiration on what you can do, to get some extra money on the side!


Offer to watch your nieces, nephews, neighbors, or cousins. You’ll enjoy yourself while also earning a little cash on the side. What you can do is send a message to everyone in your neighborhood, and let them know that you are currently available to help as a babysitter.

Watch someone’s pets

Over the holidays, many people take short travels and vacations. Offer to feed and walk your neighbor’s dog or feed their fish as the majority of people prefer to keep their pets at home rather than bring them along during the holiday session. This service could be one of the most useful services to offer for people.

Clean out your closet

Go through all of your clothing, and at a nearby consignment shop, sell the items you don’t want anymore. If you want to have a good income flow, try not to buy anything there while you’re selling your belongings! So that you have more to sell and can all profit from it, enlist the help of your siblings in organizing it.

You could also utilize an online platform to do this. There are so many platforms available today where you can sell products easily and safely. Sell all of your used DVDs, purses, clothes, and everything else! It can be a terrific way to get rid of things you no longer need and at the same time receive some extra money. You can try to sell locally using Facebook Marketplace or you’re prepared to post using sites like eBay. Whatever you want you can choose.

Establishing small business

If you fancy yourself as a future entrepreneur, why don’t you try to dabble in small business for starters. You can sell other people’s products through your online store, or you can also design and produce your own product and then sell it. You won’t only get extra cash but also learn a thing or two on how to handle business by yourself.

Simple business that we can recommend is, selling a unique customized bottled water, creating DIY scented candles, or if you’re quite crafty and enjoy making jewelry, you could take your jewelry online, selling on Facebook, Etsy, and other craft sites.

Because you are just starting, you can utilize social media platforms such as instagram to showcase your product to many people out there.

Use your artistic ability

You might find it relaxing to do crafts or drawings in your free time. But what if you could sell those works for money? You can also design some holiday cards or other digital artwork to sell on Etsy. In today’s era, you can easily sell your original artwork online! You could be amazed by the response you receive when you start selling your precious art.

An online tutor

Are you perhaps knowledgeable about a particular subject? If so, you can try to be an online tutor for students. You won’t even need to leave your bed to assist your fellow student during their study session. Totally easy to manage!

Make money from blogging

Did you know that if writing is your talent, you can make money through blogging? You can earn money when using your blog to advertise something, this usually is called “affiliate marketing” – when you place ads on your site and get paid by the business if your followers click through and make a purchase.

If you’re a student who runs your own blog, you’ll have to learn how to run your own website, attract visitors, and manage the connections you make with brands. There are some sizable platforms for affiliate networks available where you may register and apply to be an affiliate for a variety of different brands.

Earn money from surveys

On a few websites, you can participate in audience research and get paid for each survey you complete. One of the most well-known companies for doing online surveys is YouGov, although it’s worth doing some research on this beforehand. However, this platform is receiving a lot of demand, so you might need to join a waiting list.

Sell photographs

There are numerous online stock picture marketplaces (like Shutterstock) where users can buy photos that photographers upload for either their business or professional usage. If you have photographic talent, you can consider posting your own work on this kind of site to be discovered by others.

These are some things that we can recommend to you to get extra money/ Find something that you think might be suitable for you, and lets get started. Good luck!