The Truth Behind Why You Should Prioritize Water Over Food and Exercise

It is estimated that 85% of Australians are in good health. That means they feel healthy and perhaps consciously make decisions to eat healthily. However, feeling healthy is not the same as being healthy. It is time to take a look at your daily habits and see how you can improve your health.

For example, most people who start to think about health decide to implement an exercise program. It is good for your cardiovascular health and should help you to lose weight. Alongside this, people tend to consider the food they eat. After all, cutting back on calories will help you to lose weight while making healthier food choices will help heart and body health.

It’s a good starting point but most people don’t think about the water they are drinking. It is also necessary to drink a Waterdrop clean, filtered water to be healthy.

Why Water Is Important

As you start to become healthier you will find yourself drinking more water because you have been told it is good for you. It is. Your body is approximately 60% water, it is present in every cell in your body and facilitates the movement of nutrients into cells and waste products out.

Drinking more is good and will help your body to function better, improving the results of your exercise.


However, water contains contaminants. This is the real reason you should be prioritizing your water needs before you start looking at food and exercise.

The water treatment works removes debris from the water and adds chlorine and fluoride. The chlorine kills bacteria while the fluoride is intended to strengthen your teeth and bones.

However, some research indicates that chlorine has a negative effect on the respiratory system, especially if you suffer from asthma. This isn’t surprising as chlorine in gas form is one of the main ingredients in nerve gas.

Fluoride has been shown to boost teeth and bone strength. However, more recent research suggests a link between fluoride and cancer.

Removing these contaminants from your water is essential if you want to improve your health.

Cleaning The Water

The good news is that it is possible to clean the water at home and remove chlorine, fluoride, and other minerals. You simply need to fit a water filter, reverse osmosis water filters are generally considered to be the best option.

They reverse the natural process of osmosis, encouraging contaminants in the water to stay behind. These contaminants are then disposed of by the system which needs minimal maintenance.


Water is necessary to maintain hydration in your body. This is especially true for your brain which is as much as 80% water. If you start to become dehydrated your brain will become foggy, making it harder to make the right decisions and stick to a healthy plan.

Staying hydrated, especially when exercising is the key to successfully transforming your health. Of course, the fact that you can go three weeks without food but only three days without water should make you appreciate the importance of hydration.