The Top Smart Televisions for Hospitality in 2023

Staying up to date with the latest technology is crucial for hotel managers to provide guests with an exceptional experience. One such technological advancement is the integration of smart televisions into hotel rooms. These modern marvels offer guests a plethora of entertainment options, from streaming their favourite shows to accessing useful information about their stay. We will explore the best smart televisions for hospitality in 2023, combining functionality, aesthetics, and guest satisfaction.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV:

Samsung has long been a frontrunner in the world of smart TVs, and their QN90A Neo QLED TV continues to set the bar high. With a stunning 4K display, Quantum Dot technology, and AI-powered upscaling, guests can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality. The TV also boasts an intuitive Tizen operating system, making it easy for guests to access their favourite streaming platforms and apps. This is not just a smart TV for guests to chill out and catch up on their favourite Netflix shows, guests can switch on the LED calm lighting around the bezels creating a calming, serenity atmosphere in the room so guests can relax after a busy eventful day. If the guests are not in the humour for TV, they can enjoy the artistic paintings displayed on the television. This tv would be perfect for holiday makers targeting couples or cosy cottages to amplify the cosy experience.

LG OLED C1 Series:

LG’s OLED C1 Series is known for its exceptional picture quality and sleek design. The OLED technology ensures true blacks and vibrant colours, enhancing the viewing experience. With webOS, LG’s smart TV platform, guests can effortlessly navigate through a variety of streaming services and even use voice commands to control the TV.


Sony’s X90J BRAVIA XR offers a perfect blend of style and substance. It features the Cognitive Processor XR, which replicates the way the human eye sees and hears for a more immersive experience. With Google TV as its operating system, guests can enjoy a wide range of content, and its compatibility with Google Assistant makes voice control a breeze.

Vizio M-Series Quantum:

Vizio’s M-Series Quantum TVs offer an affordable yet high-quality option for hotels. These smart TVs come with Quantum Dot technology, ensuring sharp and vivid visuals. The Vizio SmartCast platform allows guests to explore various streaming services, and the built-in Chromecast makes it easy to cast content from their devices.

TCL 6-Series:

The TCL 6-Series is known for delivering excellent value for money. It features Mini-LED technology for improved contrast and Dolby Vision support for stunning HDR content. Roku TV as the operating system offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for guests to access a wide range of apps and channels.

Ok we went through top picks for the ideal smart television for the hotels now let’s look at what you need to consider and keep in mind when choosing a smart TV.

Hospitality-Specific Options:

In addition to these consumer-grade smart TVs, there are also hospitality-specific options available from manufacturers like LG and Samsung. These TVs are designed with the unique needs of hotels in mind, featuring features like Pro:Centric smart platforms, which allow for customized guest information and services.

Enhanced Security and Control:

In 2023, security and control are paramount for hoteliers. Many of the best smart TVs for hospitality come with enhanced security features. These include options for remote management and content control to ensure a safe and enjoyable guest experience.

Screen Size and Mounting Options:

When choosing a smart TV for your hotel, consider the screen size that best suits your rooms. Additionally, explore mounting options to ensure the TVs fit seamlessly into the room’s decor, whether wall-mounted or placed on a stand.

In conclusion, investing in the best smart televisions for hospitality in 2023 is a smart move for hotels looking to provide their guests with a top-notch entertainment experience. Whether you opt for a high-end model from brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony, or choose a more budget-friendly option like Vizio or TCL, ensuring that your guests have access to modern technology can set your establishment apart and leave a lasting positive impression. Remember to consider factors like screen size, mounting options, and enhanced security features to tailor your choice to your hotel’s specific needs. With these smart TVs in place, your guests will be in for a memorable stay. See Virgin Media Business for 360 TV packages and  business broadband for hotels for your guests to get the best out of their experience saying in your hotel or Air BnB.