The top power tools you need to have in your shed

Anyone who has begun a do-it-yourself project at home needs a good arsenal of shed building tools in their tool shed. By researching the five best tools, you can make smart and wallet-friendly choices to purchase the most effective and reliable options for your next DIY attempt.

Five Must-Have Power Tools For Your Tool Shed

Cordless Drill: Dewalt DCD998 20V Max Power Detect 

This cordless drill can produce over 1000 inch-pounds of torque, beating out other drills on the market. This DeWalt option can drill a test track in under 2.5 minutes and features a three-mode transmission that combines power, speed, and accuracy when drilling. You can try this website if you want to buy top-of-the-line drills and other premium quality power tools. 

Not to mention, this is a lightweight option that is easy to store on your tool belt when working outdoors. If you are a do-it-yourself pro who wants one of the best power tools on the market, this DeWalt cordless drill is a top choice. Click here to explore more Dewalt tools.

Lithium-Ion Drill: DeWalt DCC701 12V Drill

The best lithium-ion drill is the DeWalt 12V option, weighing in at less than 2.5 pounds and measuring a compact 6”. This new drill can quickly power through wood and steel, boasting an impressive 32% increase in power and torque from previous models. 

Drill for Home Use: DeWalt DCD797 Hammer Drill

The best drill for home use is the DeWalt hammer drill, a do-it-all option that combines functionality, power, ease-of-use, efficiency, ergonomics, and plenty of features for every home project you can think of. But if in case you need high-quality nuts or bolts in your construction projects, just contact this trusted nuts and bolt supplier online. 

A very fast drilling tool, it can also maintain a high drilling speed even when placed under significant stress and load. Not to mention, this hammer drill has high torque when compared to other Compact drills on the market. 

This hammer drill has adjustability and customizable properties to make this a unique and personalized drilling experience, such as using a 1-¼” self-feed bit or a ¼” multipurpose bit. 

Drill Bits: DeWalt Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Finding the perfect drill bits for your drills can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, with DeWalt’s cobalt drill bit set, we have found a reliable and durable option that is compatible with all DeWalt tools. These drill bits use a Pilot point and split tip so they stay sharp while drilling at high speeds. 

Rotary Hammer: DeWalt DCH263R2DH 20V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

The DeWalt rotary hammer uses a different mechanism for a hammer drill to quickly and effectively drill holes into concrete without harming the tool or the wall. DeWalt makes various rotary hammers to work for any project you have at home or on the construction site, although we recommend the 20V Plus option. 

This DeWalt choice uses 20V max batteries, so it is compatible with other DeWalt tools in your tool shed. Secondly, this hammer has plenty of power and Active Vibration Control to help reduce short-term fatigue while drilling on hard surfaces. Finally, this tool is lightweight, making it a great choice for your tool belt or tool shed. 


DeWalt makes reliable, durable, and trustworthy power tools that are staples for every do-it-yourselfers tool shed. By narrowing down the extensive list of tools sold in Home Depot and online today, you can keep the weight on your tool belt light – while remaining efficient and effective.