The Top 5 Health Benefits of Arctic Apples

Most people have heard the adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are a delicious snack that’s easy to take on the go. But with so many incredible health benefits to eating apples, why does it feel so hard to do?

What you need is a simple way to consume apples without all the fuss. Cutting them in advance often turns them brown and depletes some of their nutrient density. Bringing a whole apple in your bag can subject it to a beating, leaving it brown and squishy under the skin.

Instead, people are trying Arctic Apples, and these delicious granny smith apples and golden varieties don’t disappoint. What are the benefits of Arctic Apples? Here are the top 5.

1. They are Pre-sliced

While cutting up an apple isn’t the hardest thing to do, when you have 20 other priorities when you’re getting ready in the morning, having a snack that’s ready to go for you or your kids is imperative. These apples are already sliced and ready to eat straight from the bag. No cutting or cleaning is necessary. This makes it great for kids and adults alike.

2. They Don’t Turn Brown

Let’s face it, even though there is nothing wrong with a slightly browned apple, no one really wants to eat it. The texture is all wrong and it just looks yucky. The apple slices from Arctic Apples have been soaked in a healthy solution that keeps them from browning.

This solution ensures that your refrigerated apples stay looking good whenever you are ready to eat them. They stay fresh longer than if you bought and sliced your own apples and they retain the nutrient density, unlike apples that turn brown.

3. They are Nutritious

Kids love eating sweet foods. And while the occasional candy or fruit snack is fine, their growing bodies crave nutrients. Apples are the perfect snack because they are sweet, juicy, and when they are sliced, they are safe and easy to eat. They are the perfect solution for a sweet tooth, after-school snack, and pair well with peanut butter and yogurt dips.

4. Offer Variety to Your Meals

Arctic Apples come in a few different varieties. Instead of just getting something like a delicious red apple every time, you can enjoy granny smith, fuji, and golden apples instead. Each apple has a unique flavor to suit your needs. Whether you want something tart or a crisp and sweet apple, you can pick what you like and change it up.

5. Arctic Apples Taste Like Home Apples

One of the best things about enjoying Arctic Apples is that you don’t have to sacrifice on taste. Because of the way they are processed and sliced, they maintain their freshness and taste just like they would if you cut them at home. And because they don’t turn brown, less of them get thrown in the trash.

Try Some Arctic Apples Today

You can find these tasty snacks at a farmer’s market or one of your local grocery stores. To get them sold in your local supermarket, print this easy form and bring it to the produce manager at your store. You’ll love the fresh taste of these apples and how easy they are to enjoy.