The Spectre

The Spectre is a powerful mystical being whose mission is to unleash God’s vengeance upon evil men. He is bound to a dead human’s souls, and his powers vary depending on his host’s personality and ability. Although this being has several hosts in the modern ages, Jim Corrigan is his most notable and recurrent host.

The Spectre debuted in More Fun Comics issue #52 released in February 1940. The Spectre also became the founding member of The Justice Society. Nevertheless, in the subsequent years, he was not seen again until the release of Showcase issue #60 in February 1966. He disappearedfor about twenty years before regularly appearingin the pages of the American comics. His series was published under DC Comics and was created by Jerry Siegel and artist Bernard Baily. However, several sources attribute the credit solely to Siegel, limiting Bernard Baily to being merely the artist of the series.

Aztar the Angel Who Repented

The Spectre is the vengeance of the God of the Covenant, known as The Presence. After the creation, some of The Presence’s angels rebel against him. As a consequence, those angels were cast away while a rebel angel named Aztar repented from his sins. Aztar’s memory from the time he rebels against The Presence was then erased, and he subsequently became the incarnation of The Presence’s vengeance. His mission is to deliver justice as well as revenge for those who were killed and sinned against The Presence. Aztar, now known as The Spectre, replaced the spirit of God’s vengeance, Eclipso, who is no longer qualified to be The Wrath.Throughout the ages, The Spectre has taken many forms by merging with several men and women’s souls. While he is performing his mission to punish the wicked, Azmodus, his evil enemy, haunted all the human forms he’s taking.

During The Spectre’s mission, he became responsible for the annihilation of the Sodom and Gomorrah, the ten plagues in Egypt, the fall of Jericho’s walls, and the division of the Red Sea. In addition, when Jesus, also known as the Godhead, took human form, it was determined that Compassion and Redemption, which Jesus had represented, could not walk on the Earth at the same time as Vengeance and Wrath. However, The Spectre was cast unto the limbo and remained there until Jesus’ crucifixion.After that, The Spectre went forth into an event called “Dies Irae” or Day of Wrath by the Phantom Stranger. He ripped through the world and cast divine vengeance upon several people. Nevertheless, archangel Michael had informed The Spectre of the new rules. Initially refusing the command, The Spectre had no choice but to abide by the new law of binding with the human soul in order to walk on the Earth again.

Jim Corrigan as The Spectre

Jim Corrigan started his career as The Spectre when he was murdered by the crime-boss named Gat Benson. After he was killed, his body was put into cement and was then thrown in the water. Corrigan’s soul left his body and attempted to travel through the afterlife. However, his soul refused to pass through the afterlife. Enraged by what happened to him, his rage was heard by the archangel Michael and bonded Corrigan’s soul to the spirit of vengeance, The Spectre. Corrigan, now as The Spectre, returned to the Earth for sixty-years to punish wrongdoing.

As The Spectre, Jim Corrigan returned to the mortal world as a partial human. During his return, Corrigan took his revenge against Gat Benson and his accomplices. However, during the process, Corrigan’s fiancée, Clarice Winston, was fatally injured. Using his newfound power, he returned Clarice back to life and spared her in further pain by ending their relationship. In addition, Corrigan became a lone agent, although he retained his job as a police officer.

Powers and Abilities

The Spectre has the powers of The Presence, including the manipulation of time, space, matter, energy, and has the power to alter reality. Along with those powers, he also has great strength and invulnerability. Other than needing a host and being hurt by powerful magic, The Spectre has no discernable weakness. Although universally regarded to be the most powerful superhero in terms of abilities, the Spectre does not harm the innocents. The Spectre is also resistant to mind manipulations. In fact, in the Blackest Night story arc, The Spectre was not able to be controlled by Atrocitus, who attempted to enslave him using the Red Lantern power ring. During the series, The Spectre revealed that his powers came from above and cannot be controlled by a mere mortal.

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