The Remote Reality: Why Working From Home May Be the Future of Business

We’re living in an age where everything is already digitized.

Gone are the days when we have to be physically present to have meetings or communicate with other people. Now, we can do this anywhere and anytime, with the help of the almighty internet.

Decades ago, this might seem like science fiction. But that’s currently our situation now. And whether we like it or not, we need to adapt to this change because this is for our common good.

This can be applied to businesses, such as the case with working from home. But is this sustainable in the long run? Well, we think so! Here’s why:

Create your own dream office

Having your own “dream” office is now possible. You can’t do this when you’re not working from home because you need to follow the protocols of the company where you need to have a desk, or stay in a boring cubicle and sit on a clunky old computer chair.

Break free from these limitations and work on your own office with style. You can sit on your comfy couch or perhaps have your laptop on your wine bar as you sip some mocha frappe. Yes, that’s how cool working from home is.

Work anywhere

Working from home doesn’t mean that you just literally stay at home and work there. What this gives you is the freedom to choose where you want to work.

You can go on a vacation and set up your laptop along with a tropical tent near the seashore of the Bahamas. Or maybe go to the Alps, head to your wood cabin, and work with your tablet in front of the snowy hillside. With the help of automation, software services and solutions such as the payroll services offered by MYOB, everyone has options for managing business tasks that don’t require a traditional office space.

Not only does this give you the freedom you’ve been clamouring, but it also makes you more productive because you’re in the mood to work knowing that you’re in a place you like.

Save money (lots of it)

Another nice thing about working from home is that you can save money. You don’t have to spend on your daily commute, or cash out some bucks for your lunch and the snacks.

You don’t even have to buy polished leather shoes or get a new pair of tux or dress. Wear what you like and what you’re most comfortable with and be productive without the need to spend on these unnecessary things.

Work at your own pace

Working from home and working at your own schedule is not about being lazy, but it’s about working when you’re most productive.

This way, you become more efficient and creative with your work or business because you’re in the mood. This also means that your brain power is in full 100% as you’re not stressed and just forced to work on something just because you’re still stuck in the 9-to-5 schedule.

More time for self and family

You have more time to spend on your personal wellbeing and to bond with your family. Your life doesn’t revolve around your job only.

You need to spend quality time with the people that matter your family. And of course, you must ensure that you’re in good shape. After all, your body and health is your greatest investment, right?

Better focus equals to improved productivity

Working at home makes you more focused on your work because you can work without all the disruptions you can get from the office.

You can also be at your most comfortable state, just wearing your pyjamas, putting your feet on the desk, or playing your favourite music while you play.

You just need to practice self-discipline for you to not be overcome by the comfort. When you do, then you’ll notice that you’re more productive than ever.

Earn more

Yes, you got that right! You can earn more when working from home. You’re not just tied to your main job, but you can also freelance your way to gain more sources of income with your part-time jobs.

If you’d want to increase your income without getting a promotion, then working from home might be the best option for you.

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