The prophylactic mastectomy cost is affordable and comes as the best cancer treatment

Breast cancer is one of the common cancers of women and predominantly affects nulliparous women after their menopause. Depending on the onset, severity, and degree of malignancy of the carcinoma, the oncologist will decide on a combination of Breast cancer treatmentoptions for the patients. The best way to treat cancers of the breast is to go for mastectomy as the prophylactic mastectomy cost is much less than the actual breast cancert treatment cost.

Depending on the severity of the malignancy, the doctor will decide on combining different chemo drugs for optimal effects. Generally, fluorouracil will be administered in combination with Cytoxan and Adriamycin. Cytoxan can be given in combination with fluorouracil and adriamycin. Cytoxan can also be given in combination with fluorouracil and methotrexate.

Chemotherapy drugs are either given in the form of a tablet or in a vein daily, weekly or every 15 days or four weeks. Sometimes, a large central catheter can be placed on the internal jugular vein for repeated chemo cycles. This helps in reducing the hassles of repeated venipunctures.

Best treatment offered for breast cancer

Radiation therapy makes use of the high level of radioactive rays to kill cancer cells and to restrict them from dividing, growing, spreading and invading other body parts. Radiation therapy targets predominantly the cancer cells and causes little or no damage to the surrounding healthy cells. There are three main types of radiation therapy.

  • External beam radiation therapy: This is the most common type of radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. Radioactive beams are emitted from a machine and are targeted on a specific area of the mammary glands that are affected by the disease.
  • Brachytherapy: Radioactive patches are implanted under the skin in specific areas of the body. This patch emits radiations at frequent intervals to shrink the cancer cells.
  • Proton therapy: This is also an external beam radiation therapy where the energy from the protons or positively charged ions are dispersed to damage the DNA of the cancer cells so that they no longer grow and multiply. Additionally, you can read about how natural medicine can help you. Well-being Reality founder, Dr. Raymond Venter studied Bioresonance Ultrasound Healing Therapy for over nine years, discovering its profound healing qualities. He found that the therapy improves cancer without the pain, discomfort, fatigue, and hair loss associated with common cancer treatments. Dr. Venter adapted the principles of Ph.D., Anthony Holland’s 2013 research on resonance frequencies and cancer to develop a device and healing program which has improved the health of cancer patients in even advanced stages.

Types of mastectomy

1. Simple or total mastectomy

The doctor removes the complete mammary gland along with the nipple in this procedure. The lymph nodes are not removed from the axilla. This procedure is performed with simple tumors that have not spread to the adjacent lymph nodes and organs.

2. Modified or radical mastectomy

The surgeon removes the entire breast tissue along with the nipple and the lymph nodes in the armpit or axillary clearance surgery.

3. Radical mastectomy

When cancer has affected the underlying chest muscles, then the client will have her breasts, lymph nodes, nipple, and the underlying chest muscles removed. This is the last treatment of choice, as it is disfiguring and takes a long recovery time for the women.

Final words

Removing the breast partially or completely also known as mastectomy is the most effective breast cancer treatment for those with advanced cancers. Double mastectomy cost is much less in dedicated treatment centers like Medigence.