The NFL’s Best of the Best

The National Football League has produced some of the best and most popular sports stars in the country. Whether you look for strength, strategic excellence or consistency there are certainly plenty of players to choose from when you are looking to place a bet on the league’s best. Join us as we take a look at the NFL’s best of the best. They are the players who stand out, and they are the players worthy of your consideration when it comes to putting your money down, and they are the players who have helped bettors across the country to win big, but when betting make sure to check out the bookiesreviews.

George Kittle

As the highest paid tight-end in the league, Kittle was under a lot of pressure to deliver for the 49ers. Fortunately, he didn’t disappoint. A favorite amongst bettors, he is always a sure bet when it comes to getting in on the action. He holds several franchise records with the 49ers including being the first tight end to surpass 1,000 receiving yards. Even though he has had his fair share in injuries during the season, that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a shining light in the league, and we are sure that he will continue to be one of the league’s very best as his career progresses. He is one to watch.

Lamar Jackson

From the very start of the season Jackson showed himself to be an outstanding player of the season. In the season’s first game against Cleveland Browns he was named AFC Offensive player of the week due to his fantastic performance which included three touchdowns. Although he has had some injuries during the season, he still stands out as a bettor and fan favourite.

Patrick Mahomes

As the son of former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes, it seemed, for a while at least, that Patrick Mahomes would become a baseball player. Having played both baseball and football throughout his time in high school, it wasn’t until he decided to focus solely on football that his true and raw talent came to light. Signed through to the 2031 season, there is plenty of belief out there when it comes to Mahomes. He is also favored by bettors due to his consistency, and he has helped many people to realise some big wins. It is not for only his on-field excellence that he is loved and applauded. In 2020 Mahomes was named one of Sports Illustrated’s young sportspeople of the year as a result of his involvement in activism. Passionate about grassroots sport and the hope and support that it can bring to young people, Mahomes is a role model for fans of all ages.

Russell Wilson

There was plenty of celebration amongst fans and bettors when Russell Wilson signed a four year contract in 2019 that would keep him with the Seahawks through to the 2023 season. The contract made him the highest paid player in the league, and he has done a lot to justify his price tag. As one of the brightest players in the league, he is a bettor’s favourite when it comes to getting in on the action. Named as NFC Offensive player of the month at the start of the season, Wilson played well throughout the season and was instrumental in the Seahawk’s 40-3 win of the Jets in Week 14.