The New Warriors

The New Warriors is a fictional superhero team published under Marvel Comics. This superhero team originally consisted of young adults and teenage superheroes that were meant to be the junior counterpart of the Avengers. The team had their first cameo appearance in the series of The Mighty Thor in issue #411 in December 1989. Following their cameo appearance was their debut in the same series in issue #412. Throughout the years, The New Warriors were featured in five different volumes.

The New Warriors Comic Journey

Tom DeFalco originally created the New Warriors. However, the team’s original members came from Marvel’s existing superheroes, including Marvel Boy, Firestar, Nova, Speed Boy, Namorita, and his newly created hero, the Night Thrasher. Throughout The New Warriors seventy-five comic issues, they had battled against enemies such as the Folding Circle, the second Sphinx, and the Fantastic Four. Over time, other various superheroes joined the team, including Silhouette, Hindsight Lad, Rage, Timeslip, Dagger, Powerpax, Darkhawk, Scarlet Spider, and Turbo.

From 1999 to 2000, the New Warriors volume two comic series was published. The second volume consisted of eleven issues before it was eventually canceled. In the series, the team, along with the other older members, were joined by superheroes, namely Bolt and Aegis. Subsequently, in 2005, the six-miniseries concluded the volume three of The New Warriors series. In these issues, the team consisting of Night Thrasher, Nova, and Speed Ball with other two new heroes, namely Microbe and Derbrii, agreed to star on a reality show in order to fund their team.During the televised fight in Stamford, Connecticut, the supervillain named Nitro exploded and killed about 612 people, including several New Warriors members.These six-issue miniseries led to the creation of theNew Warriors’ fourth volume as a spin-off of the events in the Civil War cross over.

In the fourth volume of The New Warriors, Night Thrasher brought together a group of former mutants and replaced their lost powers with technology. This volume that was published between 2007 and 2009covered a total of twenty comic issues.During the series, it was revealed that the Night Thrasher is the older half-brother of Donyell Taylor alias, the Bandit, who wanted to travel back in time to kill his brother.In 2014, the fifth volume of The New Warriors adventure series was started. The series features the New Warriors adventure as they were brought together by the High Revolutionary’s threat of eliminating the super-powered population of Earth.

The Birth of The New Warriors

The New Warriors were founded by a wealthy young adventurer named Dwayne Taylor alias Night Thrasher who dedicated his life to fighting crime after the killing of his parents. Mentored by Andrew Chord, his retired legal guardian, and Tai, the enigmatic housekeeper, Dwayne fought crimes and villains along with the other superheroes, Midnight Fire and Silhouette. However, after a gangster shot Silhouette, Thrasher blamed Night Thrasher for the tragedy. Following the incident, their alliance ended, and Midnight Fire disappears together with Silhouette.

Despite the tragedy, Chord, his guardian, encouraged Dwayne to seek allies and continue in his fight against crime. Dwayne then decided to form his own superhero team after seeing the dynamic between the superhero team, Fantastic Four. Creating his own group, Dwayne restored Richard Rider alias Nova’s power and persuaded him to join the team. Aside from Nova, Dwayne also recruited Vance Astrovik alias Marvel Boy, and Angelica Jones alias Firestar. The four then started to combat evil forces like Terrax, whom they have defeated with the help of the kinetic energy-charged Speedball and the mutant named Namorita. The superhero quartet group subsequently became a group of six, and soon took the name‘The New Warriors.’

The group was based in Dwayne’s Ambrose Building penthouse and was funded by the Taylor Foundation. This Foundation is a conglomerate of financial institutions set up by Dwayne’s late-father and now supervised by Chord and Tai, who also acted as the support staff of the Warriors.However, The New Warriors eventually found out that the Foundation is corrupted. They also discovered that Dwayne’s guardian, Chord, is the one who murdered his parents. Aside from that, Tai is an evil sorceress who has been a member of the ancestral Dagon’s Breadth cult. This cult has a temple in Kampuchea that housed a nexus of mystical energy known as the Well of All Things. Many years ago, a US soldier unit, including Chord, had concluded a covenant with Tai. They had agreed that they would marry selectively-bred daughters of the cult and produce offspring destined to control the power of the Well.

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