The New Norm of Safe Flying

All airlines take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all their passengers and crew members. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone and every business have to adjust to a new norm. This will mean that different procedures must be implemented to make it safe to travel again. Since many people are eager to travel now that some restrictions have been lifted in most countries, many are still wary of the coronavirus and want to take comfort in that it will be safe to fly. So, we have assembled a brief guide to introduce you to the new norm of safe flying.

New Safety Standards

Whether one chooses to fly domestic or international, all flights will require that the new safety standards are applied. This means that all airlines will follow public health guidelines and new protocols will be put in place to ensure the safety of every passenger and cabin crew member. This will result in pragmatic approaches to seating, so frequent flyers can rest assured knowing that they are in a safe and heavily sanitized environment as is whatever they will acquire on the flight. All items offered by the airline are sanitized and sealed. Furthermore, all the crew will have to follow protocol to ensure their health as well as all the passengers that they will come into contact with.

Cabin Crew Training

The new norm has brought about new training steps that every member of the crew must follow. The cabin crew is not only taught how to maintain a hygienic environment for themselves and the passengers, but they are also equipped to handle any emergencies that may occur. If anyone should show symptoms of COVID-19, all the crew are prepared to take the necessary steps needed to protect all the people on board as well as themselves. There are also new guidelines implemented for any turnaround cases if anyone should show such symptoms.

Mandatory Social Distancing

Social distancing at the airport and on planes will now be mandatory to ensure that no one is too close to another. It can be frightening if you feel that you have no control over who surrounds you. The experts of reveal that many people find relief from booking private jet charters for the utmost safety. However, not everyone can afford to do so, nor can they buy an extra plane ticket to ensure their own safety and space which is why all airlines and airports will make sure that every person will have to respect each other’s personal space. Mandatory social distancing applies all the time. Even queues leading to the bathroom will have indications of how distant you must remain from one another at all times.

Disinfecting Aircraft, Equipment, and Baggage

For hygienic purposes, airlines have always made disinfecting the plane a priority. However, these measures have been heightened since the pandemic. The airport itself will go through extensive sanitation so you can find relief in the fact that anything you touch or sit on is extremely hygienic. The protocol for what you can bring on board might vary from airline to airline, however, this is all for the sake of everyone’s health safety. Moreover, the cleanliness of the aircraft, its equipment, as well as everyone’s baggage go through a more extensive sanitation process. The cleaning process takes a little longer than before due to the thorough disinfection of all equipment, products, and the aircraft itself.

Disinfecting Aircraft Equipment and Baggage

Protection of the Crew

The crew is also following new guidelines to ensure their safety. Luggage handlers are protected from germs by ensuring that they do not come into contact with any luggage until it has been through a UV sanitation process. The cabin crew as well are all safeguarded by the new protocol to make sure that they are protected from infection. From personal hygiene to the sanitation of all baggage and on-air items, all the flight crews’ health and safety is a top priority.

There isn’t a large differentiation between how we used to fly and the new norm. All airlines are just carrying out heightened versions of the procedures to achieve a safe environment for everyone on board. These heightened steps are applied so that the cabin crew and every single passenger can feel safe to fly and each country is taking precautionary measures at the airport to ensure the safety of their tourists and locals. This new norm might cause some frustration and delays, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. And, in this way, we get to travel again knowing we are not jeopardizing our health or anyone else’s.