The Most Important Movie Awards Around the World

Us humans like to appreciate things that stand out from the rest, whether it’s a notable scientific discovery or a sports victory, we love to celebrate the exceptional work and talent. And the film industry also follows this trend. In fact, there are quite of amazing award shows and events for every movie junkie. And as the film industry grows, so does the list of these award ceremonies and festivals around the world. From the Cannes Film Festival in France to the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

These awards are picked and distributed by critics, industry professionals, and the general public. And because of their permanence, fan appreciation, and media appeal, some of these award ceremonies and festivals are considered more important than others. That’s why in this article, we are going to list down the most-anticipated and important annual film ceremonies and festivals from around the world. Also, we recommend you to visit if you are looking for the most reputable online casinos in Australia.

  • Filmfare Awards

India’s film industry is impossible to ignore because of its continued growth and relevance in the international film industry. India’s film industry is comprised of several film markets including the world famous Bollywood. Slowly but surely, India has become one of the largest film producers in the world having ticket sales that oftentimes surpass Hollywood. The Filmfare Awards was created in 1954 and it honors the brilliance and talent of the Hindi language film industry. The Filmfare awards ceremony happens every year and they award the iconic “Lady in Black” statuette for every category winner.

  • Cannes Film Festival Palm D’ or Award

The Cannes Film Festival happens every year in France and they are known to give new films of all genre and documentaries a chance to be seen by relevant industry professionals. From the 1930s until today, Cannes Film Festival continues to make an impact not just in Europe but in the international film industry by being a place for filmmakers all over the world to show off their talents and work to an invite-only audience.

The Cannes Film Festival’s highest prize is the Palm d’Or and it is given to the best film of the year. The Palm D ‘or is a 24-carat gold palm that is encased in blue Morocco leather and it is given to the winner that is chosen by the juries which are appointed by the Festival’s board of directors. Every year, the jury and the president of the festival meets at the historic Villa Domergue to choose the winner.

  • Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival is the first major film festival in the world and it is appreciated because of their wide diversity among the chosen titles. In this festival, you will be able to see European, Asian, and American feature films fighting their way in winning the awards. The Golden Lion or the Leone D’ Oro is the highest prize in the Venice Film Festival. It was introduced in 1949 and it is considered as the film industry’s most distinguished and prestigious prizes.

  • The Sundance Film Festival

Organized by the Sundance Institute, the Sundance Film Festival is held annually in Utah. This festival is the biggest independent film festival in the United States and it is also the main event where independent filmmakers show their work. One of the notable parts of the festival is the documentary and dramatic films category and the most important award is the Grand Jury Prize which is given to both categories.

Sundance Film Festival began in 1978 as a festival to attract more filmmakers in Utah. But in 1984, the Sundance Institute took over.

  • Locarno International Film Festival

Locarno Film Festival is held every August of each year in Locarno, Switzerland. The highlights of this award ceremonies are the open-air screening at the Piazza Grande and the awarding of the Golden Leopard. Other award includes the Leopard of Honor which is awarded for the Most Outstanding Career category and the Prix du Public or the People’s Choice Award. The Locarno Film Festival is known for launching the careers of some of the most world-renowned directors and actors such as John Malkovich, Tim Roth, Terry Gilliam, Quentin Tarantino, Edward Norton, and Anthony Hopkins.

  • BAFTA Awards

Often considered as the British version of the Academy Awards, this annual awards show honors and recognizes the best international and British contributions to the film industry. This event was introduced in 1947 by The British Film Academy and in 1958, the organization amalgamated with The British Academy of Film and Television Producers and Directors. And eighteen years later, the annual awards show became known as The British Academy of Film and Television Arts or Bafta.

The BAFTA Awards rewards the best of the best in the film industry but at the same time, they give special recognition to British films in the form of awards that only British films are eligible to win.

  • The Berlin International Film Festival

Also known as the Berlinale, this film festival is part of the big three film festivals including those held in Venice, Italy and Cannes, France. If we were to count the attendance rates, then this film festival would probably be the largest film festival in the world.

The Berlin International Film Festival awards a figure of a bear because it is Berlin’s heraldic animal which can be found on its coat of arms and on the city’s flag. The film festival was introduced in 1951 and it has an international jury that decides the winners every year.

  • Golden Globes Awards

This award show is one of the most important awards shows in the world because not only does it honors both film and television productions, it also recognize projects from other countries as well as from the United States. The first ever Golden Globes Awards was held in 1943 and the winners are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Golden Globes are held annually and they also help to fund important scholarships and programs that will benefit the future stars such as the Young Artist Foundation.

  • Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is the most celebrated and anticipated film awards ceremony. Also known as the Oscars, the iconic gold plated bronze figure on a black metal base trophy is recognized all over the world as the most prestigious award in the film industry.

The first ever Academy Awards was held in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and since then it was supervised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy Awards not only celebrated the talents and work of the people in the film industry, but it also helped pave the way for other prestigious ceremonies such as the Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, and Grammy Awards.

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