The most essential things to plan an online casino in 2021

Online gambling businesses are profitable, and many entrepreneurs want to start their casino projects. However, building a successful online casino is a complex process that requires many steps to be followed.

Each gambling platform project develops a detailed casino business plan, which includes all the basic calculations, business development strategies, and operating forecast. This is the first step in creating an online casino. The business plan determines further actions and helps operators determine the amount of investment required. Let’s consider how to open your own online casino business and analyze the basic and necessary steps to create a platform, which is essential to consider when making an online casino business plan.

Creating a business plan for a casino 


First, it is necessary to obtain a license to operate an online casino. Many jurisdictions issue gambling licenses – permits differ in price, length of the process, and the number of documents. Operators should remember to pay for a license application, open a bank account, register a company, and pay for license renewal.

Software and games

The next step is to buy online casino software. It is worth noting that the platform, game content, and other software settings are the most significant investment. It is crucial to purchase quality software as it plays a vital role in keeping your business running smoothly. Next, be aware of game integration. For a beginner casino, it is better to integrate popular games from leading providers – they are certified and known to players. Operators can then start thinking about customizing unique slots.

Payment systems

Integration of payment systems is an essential step in developing a casino, as operators must add reliable payment methods to the platform. It is better to provide a wide range of payment systems to find the most convenient one.

Website design

The design of an online casino, its name, and other platform settings can be created based on the operator’s preferences.

Technical support

An online casino must guarantee a smooth operation 24/7, so it is crucial to provide quality technical support. It is necessary to find employees who can serve customers on an ongoing basis and ensure the site’s continuous operation.


An online casino will also require staff, including a manager, accountant, lawyer, marketers, and additional staff, depending on the site’s needs. The responsibilities of staff should be segregated so that each staff member only has access to a specific part of the system. Employee salaries should also be taken into account when developing a business plan for opening a casino.


The next step requiring investment is the promotion of the casino. There are many marketing tools to promote your website, such as SMM, email marketing, SEO, affiliate programs, etc.

These are the primary and most necessary steps in creating an online casino business plan. Developing a gambling platform step-by-step can be time-consuming and costly.

Are there any alternatives?

Today there is an opportunity to purchase a White Label casino – it is fully developed and prepared for launch. The main advantages of White Label casinos:

  • quick start;
  • obtaining a license from a reliable jurisdiction with minimal operator participation;
  • reliable software on a secure server;
  • unique design and structure;
  • all popular payment systems, including cryptocurrency payments, for a single integration;
  • integration of games from leading providers.

Getting a project ready to use is a worthwhile alternative to the lengthy development of an online casino from scratch. MOA Gaming offers a White Label solution that is beneficial for operators, significantly saving their time.