The Most Classic Gaga Milano Watch : Gaga Milano Slim

Gaga Milano is a company known for manufacturing high-quality timepieces with modernized embedded technicalities for years. Every Gaga Milano watch is designed by watch experts at GaGa Milano and contains all the technical complications and extreme precisional rate which can be expected from an optimal timepiece of this level.

Following the tradition of the brand , a new timepiece GaGa Milano Slim was launched, a slim and smart edition in the extremely precised watch series by the brand.

The Gaga Milano Slim is launched in various editions, The Bionic Skull version of the slim watch series reflects a dashing and dangerous look, specially designed to suit a person with a muscular body or a gym guy. The skull is skillfully designed on the dial with the precised anglings and the same distant regions at each corner. The indexes are designed so to vary with the space to the skull like the top indexes are small and sided marks are larger.

Many versions of Slim 46mm were launched with the slim 10mm case, the machinery based on quartz movements, and the strap is also originally designed at the brand , the agile Milano strap considered as the most stylish thing.

Various versions of Slim 46mm

Bionic Skull

Price: The Offical Pricing of this watch is 690 Euros exclusively sales tax.

Availability: Coming Soon

Variants: 3

A total of 3 variants were launched in this range with blue/golden, black/white, and black/golden versions. Each timepiece has its contemporary look and embedded quality touch of GaGa Milano.

Technical Specifications

The 46 mm of the case size which has all the components fine-tuned to it. The thickness of the case is 10mm and is referred to as the slim Gaga Milano case. The material in the manufacturing of the case is the Black PVD, a material only used in only expensive timepieces.

Watch movements in this timepiece is based on quartz movement.

The hypoallergic rubber strap make you comfortably wear the watch for a long time as during the whole day without getting allergic to it. This watch is designed to suit the needs of both men and women.

This variant is decorated with the skull design.


Price: The Offical Pricing of this watch is 690 Euros exclusively sales tax.

Availability: Available

Variants: 4

This timepiece is beautifully designed with random fonts. The dial has oversized numerals and have an extra seconds dial covered with blue color and grey indexes. The indexes are coated with luminescent material that glows in the dark. The grey-toned case and blue dial/strap just looks magnificent.

Technical Specifications:

The 46mm of the case is beautifully designed oversized numerals over it. The strap is handmade in Italy and has the finest finishings. The case thickness is 10mm following the Gaga Milano Slim version. The bezel is also made of fine steel and polished finely.

The leather of this timepiece, the strap is made by hand so to reflects the extremely fine finishing. The gender compatibility of these variants is referred to as unisex as both compatible with men and women.

Rose Gold Plated

Price: The Offical Pricing of this watch is 790 Euros exclusively sales tax.

Availability: Available

Variants: 2

The gold plated case with Milanese mesh gold plated strap, totally reflects a royalistic look. The timepiece is so much finely made that each edge is much smoothened then ever.

Technical Specifications

The case size is 46 mm and 10 mm thick following the slim design of this series. The timepiece also is water-resistant up to 3 atm and machinery based on quartz movements. The gender compatibility of this watch is a woman. The bezel rings also made of gold plated.

The strap is platted with rose gold and of Milanese mesh pattern. This version is the royalistic edition of Gaga Milano Slim watch.

PVD Black

The other edition of this series is the PVD black Gaga Milano Slim variant made of PVD black materials. There are a total of two variants of this version and available in 750 euros as official price tagging.

Every timepiece of this series has its contemporary look following the touch of the brand’s elegance. So, choose the best-suited one.