The Marie Kondo’s Checklist On Decluttering Your Home

Our home is one of the sacred places on earth, and it is the foundation of us as a person. Staying home most of the time is not a bad thing because it helps you see the things that need to be done, and one of these unseen things is decluttering our home.

When it comes to decluttering our home, we opt to go with our ways, but our ways are not effective enough. It is time for us to seek a professional’s help; it is time to declutter our home in Maria Kondo’s method. Her philosophy on tidying has become famous worldwide, which became an eye-opener on embracing the minimalist movement.

The Famous KonMari Checklist

Before you start decluttering your home, you must first set yourself together by following the Marie Kondo tips. Start by setting your mind to tidying up. She says that the key to successful decluttering is to dive right in by doing everything at once. You should commit yourself to the task and have everything done in one day.

The next step is to visualize the result of what you want your room or home would look like after so that you would know your goal. Next, ask yourself always if the items inside your home or room spark joy. After, you have to create a checklist of what you should clean up first by making a category of them.

It helps you organize your things by category and not letting your things spread to various locations inside your home. Lastly, you must follow an order when tidying your house or room by creating a checklist on which item you should clean first. You can also use these tips when packing up your things for a vacation or travel.

Try this checklist and apply it to yourself and see the person you will become afterward. Below are the basic Marie Kondo tips you’ll have to follow for you to organize your home correctly.

Save Enough Space By Folding

Some of us are used to hanging all our clothes because it is easy and takes less effort than folding them. But according to Marie Kondo, it is better to have those clothes folded, for it makes it a lot better when organizing them. By this, you can use a dresser where you can place all your folding clothes to have them in one place.

Declutter First Before Organizing

You have to let go of the clothes and things that you can no longer wear, or you don’t need before starting to organize them. When you opt to move stuff to different places, you only create the illusion of your items are organized. Before tidying up your space, the first thing you have to do is to declutter it.

Track Your Progress

It is a good idea to take photos of yourself before and after you organize things at home because it is an excellent way to track your progress. Sometimes you get tired because you feel like you’re not making any progress, but by taking a before and after picture, you can see all your progress in just one glance.

Falling In love With Your Closet

After you decluttered your closet and finished organizing them by color, design, or style, you should fall in love with your work on how clean it looks. Look at your newly organized closet and appreciate all your efforts to make it a beautiful one. Having pride in taking care of your things will motivate you to continue the Marie Kondo thing.

Respect Your Items

Before throwing away your items or things, you have to say thank you to them for all the services they’ve given you. Remember the joy that the item gave you when you first bought it and then let it go by donating it to someone or throwing it away.

Removing The Tags Of New Items Right Away

One of Marie Kondo’s tips is making your things your own and valuing them for the joy they have brought us. Always remember that it is best to keep all things personalized. When you buy new items, you should take off the tags right away and make them all your own. In this way, your items become more personalized, and you will feel more joy.


There are many ways to declutter your home, but with Marie Kondo’s philosophy, decluttering your home will become fun and a lot easier. Set a date and start your new method of achieving a cleaner and more organized home for you and your family.