The impressive Nissan Stadium

Japan is a country that never ceases to impress with breathtaking buildings and structures. The website is for best sports betting, and these wagers can be made on everything related to Japanese sports as well.

One of these fantastic facilities is the Nissan Stadium, which is located in the city of Yokohama. The International Stadium Yokohama, as it is also known, is an impressive structure that up to 2019 was the biggest stadium in the country. With a capacity of approximately 75 thousand spectators, it was overtaken that year by the New National Stadium, which can seat approximately 5 thousand more people. The 1xBet website is for making the best sports betting in matches played on these facilities.

Ready for the 2002 FIFA World Cup

As soon as South Korea and Japan were selected for hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup, both nations immediately began working on new venues. The facility was officially opened in 1998, four years before the tournament. Punters may always make a live bet from 1xBet site, which also features all matches of the FIFA World Cup and other major competitions.

In total, the Nissan Stadium hosted four matches of the tournament. Three of them were from the group stage, while the fourth was the final where Brazil defeated Germany 2-0. Both the Brazilian and German teams are excellent squads to wager, and making a live bet from the 1xBet site on them is definitely a great idea.

Other important events

Of course, the Nissan Stadium has also been used for plenty of other football tournaments and matches. In fact, the New National Stadium was supposed to be a venue for the 2019 edition of the Rugby World Cup. However, since this stadium wasn’t ready in time, the Nissan Stadium was selected as a replacement facility. There is a great live casino available on, and before the next edition of the Rugby World Cup begins, make sure to explore it.

Some other football tournaments and competitions hosted by the International Stadium Yokohama include:

  • home matches of the Yokohama F. Marinos football team in various Japanese domestic tournaments;
  • some football matches played in the 2020 Summer Olympics, including the final matches of both the male and female competitions;
  • and also many editions of the FIFA Club World Cup.

All these tournaments are very exciting, and the great live casino available on the 1xBet website is a perfect place to be in while waiting for them.