The Guide to GPS for Pets

screenshot a GPS around a pet dog neck, dog GPS, GPS for pets, top GPS for petsAs a proud pet owner, you want to keep your furry friend secure and safe. You fill his diet with high-quality nutrients, take him for walks, and never miss a vet appointment. Sweet, but even the most caring pet mom or dad can lose track of their pet. Your dog/cat/rabbit/whatever can dig his way out of the backyard, slip through the front door, or break free while chasing birds at the park. That’s where pet GPS trackers can be a blessing in disguise.

Pet GPS devices can help identify the exact location of your pet if they get lost or runaway. This will ensure that you’re able to get them home safely and quickly before something bad happen. Another bonus: modern GPS for Pets are a lot smaller and lighter compared to their conventional counterparts that made use of cellular tracking (which was also costly for the pet parent). This means your little friend will feel comfortable while donning the equipment, giving you peace of mind that he’s not going to strip it away.

What to Look for In a Pet GPS

Long search times are a thing of the past. The best pet GPS devices come with navigation and real-time tracking that tell you where exactly your pet is. They utilize various technologies like activity monitor and radio frequently to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your canine. The activity monitor can even help you track how many calories is the pet burning on a daily basis – if you’re helping the pet reduce weight, the data can help you determine how many calories to add or subtract from his diet.

Some models may also offer features beyond location tracking. For example, certain units will track the temperature to ensure the pet isn’t feeling too cold or too hot. Others come with Bluetooth connectivity, which can help you transfer music to your dog’s ears. A few devices are already fitted in collars. We’ve reviewed the best pets GPS to buy in 2020. Take a look below.

Best Pets GPS to Buy

Where to Buy

Tractive 3G Dog Tracker

Yepzon One GPS Tracker


Bartun Pet GPS Tracker

Wireless Key Pet Finder

Talis us Pet Tracker


Tractive 3G Dog Tracker

Tractive 3G is a GPS tracker for dogs over 9 pounds. It is a small, lightweight and waterproof device that attaches easily to your pet’s collar or harness. All Tractive devices are shock proof and sturdy to keep up with your pet’s activity. You need to buy a subscription plan to avail Tractive’s complete service. Plans start from $4.99 per month and differ based on services model. Since it is a cellular service technology, these low-priced plans ensure that you always get the best service out of your Tractive.

You can use this GPS tracker worldwide, in up to 150 countries. Download the free app in your phone or browser and track your dog anywhere. The battery life of up to 5 days makes it a go-to accessory to have when traveling with your pet.

What makes it stand out? You can mark a ‘safe zone’ for your dog and save this location in your device. The Tracker will monitor the dog and send you an alert if the dog leaves that physical zone. We can’t recall a better way to ensure your pooch is not near a dangerous area.

Yepzon One GPS Tracker

Yepzon One is a GPS and motion tracker that can be used for pets, children and seniors and vehicles. It is shaped like a tag, with keyhole to insert a string or keychain. Yepzon One supports 2G and can work with a SIM card. It is shockproof, water-resistant and comes with a free mobile application. The Yepzon app works free on most mobile devices and requires no tutorial. You can track as many Yepzons as you like through the app. Each device can have as many caregivers associated as you wish. The application does not ask for registrations and does not save user data.

Yepzon is also one of the most affordable GPS solutions in the market. You can even tie it around the paws of your pet or to your child’s wrist. It has an unbelievably long battery life that can last up to months. There is an option to switch the tracker off from the app when you are not using it.

What makes it stand out? You can easily follow a moving target with the Yepzon One as it refreshes the location every 10 seconds.


Whistle offers a couple of models for tracking pets, like Whistle Go Explore and Whistle Go. It is a tiny device that you can attach to your pet’s collar. Whistle is waterproof up to 3 feet and completely shock resistant. It is recommended for pets weighing over 8 pounds. Whistle monitors not just the location of your pet but also their health. Find out how your pet is doing in terms of its age, breed and measurement through the tracker and use this information to care better.

As soon as your pet leaves home, the proactive tracker will send instant alert to your cellphone or email. The smart GPS tracker offers nationwide tracking and accurate monitoring. AT&T cellular services are compatible with this tracker.

What makes it stand out? Whistle’s battery life is quite impressive. The device can go up to 7 days without charge. Battery life depends on the activity of your pet, WiFi signals and time spent away from WiFi.

Bartun Pet GPS Tracker

Bartun has launched a GPS collar device for your playful pets. There are two options, neck collar and ankle collar based on your requirement. It is lightweight for pets and strong to bear all activity levels. The neck collar can go up to 5.3 inches and ankle can go up to 7.1 inches in Diameter. The package includes a 2G SIM card which you need to activate when using the collar for the first time. The Speedtalk SIM works in the US and around the world. There is a minimal fee of $5 for domestic and $9 for international cellular services.

What makes it stand out? This device is accurate and uses multiple channels like Satellite GPS and LBS to monitor your pet. The position accuracy is up to 5 meters.

 Wireless Key Pet Finder

This tiny GPS device comes in a pack of two, along with Caribeaner Clips for easy attachment. This is a multifunctional device that works with pets and other items like luggage. Its small size makes it a good choice to fasten to a pet’s collar or ankle. When this wireless tracker is on, it monitors your pet in 75 feet range. As soon as the pet moves or leaves, the tracker and your paired phone will start ringing an alarm. It also locates lost pets by taking you to the nearest street where the pet disappeared and then giving you signal strength to guide you to the lost pet. It becomes easier to follow the target by using the digital display on your phone.

What makes it stand out? The battery can last up to 6 months. It runs on a coin battery and manages usage to ensure a long-life span.

Talis us Pet Tracker

Talis us is a pet collar GPS tracker, which is suitable for dogs and cats. It is waterproof so your pet can swim while wearing it as well. When you activate the device, you can download the free app on your smartphone and pair your device with the tracker.  Battery life is not a concern, as Talis us goes up to 12 hours without charge with GPS activated. If the GPS activity is less, the tracker can go up to several days. This tracker does not solely require SIM card or cellular service to track your pet because it runs on GPS and WiFi technology. SIM card option is still available to use.

What makes it stand out? The real-time GPS tracking is a great feature for pet owners. You will always have the peace of mind of knowing where your sneaky pets are with the Talis us tracker.


By now, you’re most likely feeling confident about the safety and health of your pet. And why shouldn’t you feel this way? The devices above contain everything you need to monitor your pet’s activity. Plus, they’ll help you ensure the pet is getting enough exercise or isn’t in a place

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