The Greatest Goals Scored in Soccer History

Close your eyes and imagine the following: You are sitting in a full soccer stadium. You can smell delicious food and you can hear the excited voices around you. The crowd is cheering. Your favorite team is doing great, then your favorite player gets hold of the soccer ball and gets closer and closer, you follow the soccer ball and, goal! The crowds are going mad!

Let’s have a look at iconic goal-scoring moments in history that gave us goosebumps.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain (2018)

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world and we have seen some beautiful and special moments throughout the years. The calm and collected soccer star, Christiano Ronaldo created an iconic moment back in the 2018s soccer world cup when he managed a stunning freekick in the 88th minute and helped Portugal equalize the score against Spain.

Zinedine Zidane vs Italy (2006)

Zinedine Zidane’s strike in the 2006 World Cup final will always be a memorable goal in one of the World Cup’s most iconic matches ever. This was also Zidane’s last professional match. Although his headbutt incident was also a major focus in the game, we should never forget his simply spectacular goal. His Panenka-style penalty in the early moments of the game is one of the World Cup’s most iconic goals of all time.

Michael Owen vs Argentina (1998)

Michael Owen became the youngest player to play in a World Cup. He also became the youngest goal scorer at the age of 18 years. His goal against Argentina was something that fans will never forget. With excellent teamwork and brilliant play with teammate David Beckham, he managed to score one of the most iconic goals ever.


Michael Owen vs Argentina (1998)

Lionel Messi vs Getafe (2007)

Lionel Messi is probably one of the best players we have ever seen.  He has excellent skills and has the best dribbling skills the world has ever seen. This small but quick-footed man is also one of the best goal scorers ever and it all started back in 2007 when he scored an impressive goal against Spanish side Getafe, and showed the whole world that he is a soccer star.

Diego Maradona vs England (1986)

This list will not be complete without the soccer legend Diego Maradona. This icon scored 34 goals for his country but no goal will be as memorable as this one and it was more than 30 years ago! His goal was voted the best World Cup Goal of all time by FIFA. He received the ball in his own half and managed to pass five England players before scoring a magnificent goal.  Something else that made this moment so unique was the commentators. They were so excited and just couldn’t help themselves when they witnessed this beautiful moment in history.

David Beckham vs Greece (2001)

It is weird to think that a free-kick turned David Beckham into a national hero. But it did. Ask David Beckham. Back in 2001, David Beckham rescued The Three Lions at the end of the game. England won a free-kick and the rest is history. He scored 17 goals for England, but his 2001 goal was the most iconic and special.

Siphiwe Tshabalala vs Mexico (2010)

It is always exciting and special when the host country of the FIFA World Cup manages to score a goal. Especially if this goal is the first one in the first game. The home side turned the ball over in their own half and hit the Mexicans with a fast counter-attack. Tshabalala was played in behind the Mexican defense. With some beautiful footwork and finesse, Tshabalala managed to score a beautiful goal in the corner of the net. The home crowd was hysterical with excitement as they celebrated the opening goal of the tournament.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England (2012)

The Three Lions were in absolute shock when Swedish forward Ibrahimovic scored a strange-looking bicycle kick from 30 yards. Sweden won the match 4-2 that day, and the wonderous strike from the 31-year-old even drew applause from the English fans. This goal is one of the top 5 goals of all time and it deserves that spot 100%.

Robin Van Persie vs Spain (2014)

Nicknamed the Flying Dutchman, Van Persie’s goal in 2014 at the FIFA World Cup is one that fans will not soon forget. With a stunning pass, beautiful control, and amazing teamwork Van Persie scored an iconic goal.  The moment was succeeded with the iconic high-five between Van Persie and Louis Van Gaal. Van Persie was a finalist for the Puskas Award in 2014.

Last Words

Sports and especially team sports like soccer have the ability to bring people together and create an environment of integrity and sportsmanship that everyone, young and old, all over the world can enjoy and appreciate. Moments like these create special memories, for the players as well as the fans.