The business model of custom printed T-shirts

To start a business of printed T-shirts, you must emphasize the designing aspect that determines the attractiveness of T-shirts. Printed T-shirts are in great demand because of the options of customizations by printing any design of your choice, and people want to create unique fashion with T-shirts that help them grab all attention.  There is nothing much to innovate with the types of T-shirts ordinarily available in standard styles. The real difference is in the design printed on it, contributing to the popularity of custom Tshirts Canada. To mark your individuality by creating fashion that is very much your own and helps make a statement by standing out from the crowd, you must shop around for some custom printed T-shirts available from some print on demand company that operates via some e-commerce platform.

Start shopping

To start shopping for custom printed T-shirts, whether you need a single piece of a specific design or bulk quantity, look up the website of the print on demand companies. Search Google for the websites of print on demand companies and then reach the respective E-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy through which the company operates its business.  On the E-commerce platform, you can view the catalogue for the available designs as well as the range of white label T-shirts from which you can pick your choice. Besides choosing from the range of designs offered by the print on demand company, you can ask them to create some of your designs by sharing some ideas or the complete design. Once you select the T-shirt and the design, make payment for the order and wait for delivery of the item, which usually takes 1-2 days or longer depending on the order volume.

The role of the print on demand company

You might wonder about the necessity of the print on demand company holding the hands-on E-commerce platform we will explain here. The company owns the business of supplying custom printed T-shirts. They set up shop on an E-commerce platform for conducting the business online.  It saves them the cost and hassles of setting up and managing their E-commerce platform.  Visitors to the website of the print on Demand Company intending to buy custom printed T-shirts reach the E-commerce platform for completing the shopping process that comprises of choosing a white label T-shirt and the design to be printed on it.  After customers complete the check-out process, the print on Demand Company starts processing the order.

Order processing

The role of the print on Demand Company is to attract customers and sell the products custom printed according to the needs of customers and provide customer service. The print on demand company acts as a sales window and is responsible for collecting orders executed through the E-commerce platform. However, the leading player of the game is the printing company that partners with the print on Demand Company and does the printing.

The systems of the E-commerce platform facilitate to carry out of commercial activities smoothly. Soon upon customers placing orders for T-shirts, the system sends off a signal to the printing company that gets ready to pick the chosen product and arrange for its printing.  Besides T-shirts, the printing company can print all other products like mugs, backpacks, bottles, hoodies, baseball caps and many other items used for business promotion or gifting.  The printing company has access to the designs held by the print on demand company and chooses the most appropriate printing method for creating the best print quality according to the chosen surface.  For T-shirts, hoodies and other garments, DTG or Direct to garment printing method is most suitable.

Direct-to-film printing is also a popular choice, especially with the use of the Prestige L2 DTF printer, which offers excellent results on a variety of surfaces. This method is perfect for detailed designs on products like mugs and bottles, ensuring high-quality prints that last.

 No order limits

One of the reasons for the high popularity of custom T-shirts is that you can print any design, but there is no minimum order quantity. To create unique fashion, people wish to wear unique apparel with a design that does not have any duplicate. The quest for displaying one of its kind designs drives more and more people towards custom printed T-shirts. The print on Demand Company is ready to accept orders regardless of its volume.

Order delivery and fulfillment

Adhering to the delivery schedule is critical to success in any online business because customers are eager to get the delivery soon. The order fulfillment process must be flawless to gain customer trust and turn them loyal.  The printing company prints the products, packs them and arranges for the logistics to deliver the goods at the customers’ doorstep as per the agreed schedule.  The package carries the brand name of the print demand company only.

The print on demand company works closely with the printing company that does all the heavy lifting. In contrast, the company takes care of the customer interests to ensure that they remain highly satisfied.