The Best Way to Clean Toner Spills

Laser photocopiers and printers use toner to create the graphics and images on prints. The process of printing is quite simple. The printer has a fuser that melts the powdered toner and then imprints on paper. The way the toner has been designed means it offers a stronger bond than ink-based printers. Toner is composed of polymer and carbon. A polymer is a dominant element during toner manufacturing.

In the past, printing was bulky while repairs and parts replacements were quite tedious. Over the years, there has been the introduction of smaller and more efficient printers. In the early days of toner cartridges use, it was quite problematic when replacing the toner. It’s no surprise that simple tasks as toner replacement required a specialist.

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Technological Advancement

But with the newer, faster, and more automated printers, this process is a piece of cake. In the previous printer models, toner was filled into the receptacles of the machines. Modern-day laser printers rely on the toner cartridges which can be changed by an ordinary printer user. That said, mistakes are unavoidable when using toner cartridges.

Sometimes an error of judgment might lead to toner spills around the office or even on your clothes. In other instances, a faulty cartridge can be the cause of a wild mess. What do you do when a toner spills? Below are some pointers you need to know about cleaning toner spills.

Facts on Cleaning Toner Spills When They Occur

  1. First of all, it’s good to mention that toner is heat sensitive. For toner to have a stronger bond on paper, it needs to be heated. Then, for that reason, you should not clean toner spills using warm or even hot water because it will set itself firmer on the object. If you want to make sure that your printer is in top shape and the toner cartridge will be clean, contact a company that provides laser printer services here.
  2. If toner spills on your skin or clothes, it can be wiped off completely after several washes using cold water. Clean the spill with an abrasive cleaner and cold water. Even if the toner has fused with your skin it can be wiped off completely through several washes.
  3. Now, the good news was in the previous point. The bad news is that you may never clean off a toner spill that has melted and fused with any piece of clothing. Although, you can easily clean a piece of clothing that is still loosely held as long you keep away from heat. Toner can be likened to wax or fat which has a very low melting point. If you plan on using the washing machine to clean your garment then ensure that 2 cycles will do. Still, cold water is best! Ideally, you should use mild soap in the first wash and a strong detergent in the second one. Some toners might remain in the rinse water during the first wash. Due to the nature of the toner, you should not use a dryer or iron unless the toner is completely removed.
  4. When cleaning toner that has spilled over surfaces, you can use a moisturized cloth or towel. The regular vacuum cleaner is not the best as it can easily ignite flames when rubbed over with toner particles. Alternatively, you can use a specialized vacuum cleaner to blow any loose particles. It can remove the finer toner particles. A job that might be messy with the regular vacuum cleaner.
  5. The toner that spills on the printer can be easily removed with the specialized vacuum cleaner. One of the more effective vacuum cleaners is the electrostatic discharge safe (ESD) or the ones that have the right hose and efficiency filter for thorough cleaning.


The printing industry is getting better by the day. There are newer innovations almost every year from AI automation to faster printers. But the best thing is that the printer is becoming more compact as we move into the new decade. Most importantly, laser printers are more cost-effective.

It’s not just printers. Their replacement accessories are also affordable! You can easily purchase a Brother HL-L2390DW toner at a reasonable subsidized price. You can avoid getting toner spills when you buy the right replacements toner cartridges. If you choose the right retailer, you will have an easier and smooth printing process devoid of unpleasant stoner spills