The Best Volleyball Training Aid

There are so many types of equipment that can help people in their volleyball training. In volleyball, hitting skills are not developed within one day. To get playing experience, will take years. To get correct footwork, approach and arm swing there is so much equipment that can help to improve all the above things.

One of such best training equipment that can improve volleyball training is a multi-ball spike trainer. There are many more types of equipment that can aid in volleyball training, along with the spike trainer.

Things to check in a volleyball spike trainer

When buying a volleyball spike trainer, it is essential to check all these qualities. Make sure to always check for these features before buying

1. Arm Swing Mechanics

When there is a multi-ball spike trainer, it will be easy to improve jumping, hitting speed with which the ball can be thrown, the technique with which the arm can be swung, and ball contact without any requirement from a second person.

2. Less or No tangles

Usually, many spike trainers have a tangling problem between the ball pouch cord and the basketball rim. This can be solved by placing an inflatable ball inside the hoop, making it free to move. There will not be any more tangles and no more frustrations with this.

3. Adjustable length

Select the one whose height can be adjusted depending on the height of the person playing. The size can be adjusted from 15” to 30” long.

4. Safe Design

This tool will not have any metal or complex objects close to where the player’s hand will contact the ball. So the practice will be safe.

5. Fast and improved reaction

The reaction ball present in this will bounce randomly. Because of this, the players will get to enhance their hand and eye interactions. This can help in improving reflexes and quick reactions.

What will be there in a volleyball spike training kit?

In order to buy a multi-ball spike trainer, there will be many options available in the world. It is better to check for all these below-listed items in the kit as they will be helpful in the player’s training.

  1. A ball holder that is suitable to hold any size of the ball and a carabiner.
  2. An inflatable ball for covering the basketball hoop in order to prevent the ball from going inside and getting stuck.
  3. A mini pump that can be used to pump air into the inflatable ball.
  4. A reaction ball that can be used between players to rebound against a wall for independent training. This reaction ball works against all the hard surfaces or walls and can be used in drills and training exercises without any issue.

What is an individual spike trainer?

A multi-ball spike trainer is a new multi-ball volleyball spike that can reload itself and a vertical jump training machine that can be used for individual player use.

It is designed to improve all the aspects of the volleyball attack including the footwork, arm swing, and attack height of the player. As the height can be adjusted the player can try by adjusting various heights.

Benefits of a multi-ball spike trainer

There are many benefits to an individual multi-ball volleyball spike trainer. Some of them include

1. Automatic Reloading

With the inbuilt automatic reloading system present in the multi-ball spike trainer it is easy to play with the next ball without any human intervention.

2. Adjustable Height

A telescopic extension that is present in the spiker can let the player adjust the height between 3ft to 10.5 ft.

3. Easy to put away

This training set can be easily assembled and disassembled making it easy to play.

4. Easy to travel

When traveling somewhere else, this tool will be very beneficial for the training as it can be disassembled into a compact size that can be stored and transported.


The hand crank that is present will help in adjusting the height from 6 feet to 11 feet that means from the ground to the top of the ball. With this technique, beginners can focus on the gameplay while experienced players can improve their vertical jump and the force with which they are hitting the ball.